How to (Subtly) Upgrade Your Boyfriend or Husband’s Style

How to (Subtly) Upgrade Your Boyfriend or Husband’s Style

You love him. You really, really do. But if you have to go on one more date with him where he’s wearing that same pair of jeans and a ratty old t-shirt, you might rip the hair out of your head. Many women love their boyfriend or husband and absolutely loathe his style.

It can be a point of contention, too. If you tell him that you hate how he dresses, he may get pretty sensitive about it. You don’t want to hurt his feelings or lower his confidence, but you just wish that he’d pick up an issue of GQ Magazine and get reading every so often.

What if I told you that you could upgrade your man’s style without ever making him feel bad about himself?

The key to doing so correctly is in how you do it. Men don’t like being told what to do. Hell, no one likes being told what to do. But if you really want to change your guy’s look, you can’t go about doing it by telling him that your end goal is to completely uproot his wardrobe. We’re going to learn about the art of subtlety here with a few key tips.

Find him a new barber

Guys love the relationships they develop with a barber that makes them look good. Do a search on Yelp in your area for a highly rated barber shop, and then book an appointment for your man. He may complain at first, but once he comes back, looking great with his new hairstyle he’ll love you for it.

Compliment him when he dresses nicely.

By telling him how good he looks when he dresses nicely, you are tapping into his subconscious. He will want to start wearing the clothes that you compliment simply because he wants to please you. This boosts his confidence, makes him feel good about himself and also makes him feel like he is pleasing you. Ultimately, that’s what he wants. So the next time you want to tell him how hideous you think his shoes are, instead consider complimenting a pair of shoes that you actually like on him.

Don’t break his budget.

Many men equate fashion forward clothing with expensive. While this may be the case for some higher brand clothes, it definitely isn’t the case with all men’s wear. By introducing him to some lower budget clothing options that still look great, you are showing him that he can stay fashionable and still afford to spend Friday night out with the guys.

Understand his style.

You can’t and shouldn’t change him. While you may not like his overall aesthetic, you have to understand that it is uniquely his. If you try to turn him into something that he isn’t, this whole thing will never work. Instead, find more fashionable alternatives that keep his quirky tastes in mind. If you have a boyfriend who really likes wearing ratty old Target brand jeans, understand that comfort is probably his first priority and find him another pair of equally comfortable, but perhaps more publicly acceptable pants. Ultimately, you love the guy who wears the clothes… That shouldn’t be forgotten somewhere along the way.