Winter Living Room Interior Design Trends

It is vital that you do your research and take your time when designing your living room as it is the room where individuals relax and put their feet up. If you rush into making the decisions, then you may find your décor becomes frustrating rather than relaxing. During the winter months it is important that your décor feels warm and cozy for those long dark nights in watching festive film. But how do you make sure your décor keeps you warm? We have done our research and came up with a list of our favorite winter living room design trends to help you out.

Let’s start at the floor and work our way up. Most people will be thinking carpet for your living room floor, this is the obvious choice but not what we are about to suggest. Wood flooring is a traditional product that is making a resurgence as the retro interior designs are hitting the headlines once again. You may be thinking that wood flooring will be cold during the winter as it doesn’t retain heat well, however a new product has been manufactured called engineered wood flooring that can be installed on top of underfloor heating. Not only will this look amazing, it will feel warm underfoot and allow the outdoors to be brought inside. This is great for winter months when you may struggle to leave the house due to adverse weather conditions.

The furniture is crucial to getting your home winter ready and a winter sofa can make a huge difference. If you are wanting to follow the trends, then a fabric corner sofa is the obvious choice. They do require a fairly large living room otherwise you could soon become cramped and find it hard to navigate around the furniture. If you are wanting a corner sofa but fancy leather over fabric, then this is not too much of a problem. Purchasing large blankets to spread over a leather sofa will replicate the feel of a fabric sofa and will also be sustainable as leather sofas in summer are always on trend.

Following the traditional theme, let’s take a look at the main source of warmth, the fireplace. A traditional stove fire will add a job onto your ‘list of things to do’, as it requires bringing in wood, clearing out the ash and cleaning the glass every day during the winter. However, the warmth you gain in return is incomparable. Your living room will go from a standard living room into something out of a movie scene. Make sure you visit a showroom and talk to a stove specialist as they will be able to recommend the right stove for your style of living room.

Finally, as the days are shorter in terms of daylight, the curtains will be drawn sooner, and you want something nice to look at. Many interior designers are now suggesting a combination of blinds and curtains. The blinds will stop the noisy neighbors from peaking in, however the semi drawn curtains act as an accessory to draw your attention away from the dark and gloomy nights. Make sure you coordinate the shade of the blinds and curtains otherwise things could get ugly. And if you don’t have much time for cleaning your blinds, curtains and everything else, you can think about calling one of the many house cleaning services in your city.