Year-Old Turns to 27-Year-Old Sage for Career Advice



Year Old Turns to 27 Year Old Sage for Career Advice

When you just got your degree and started out on your busy and independent adult life, it becomes hard to make something nice out of the future that awaits you. A past student who just stopped using for their courseworks, you simply don’t know anything about careers and how they work, and definitely, don’t have enough experience to judge others.

Let’s face it, after trying out for jobs you think that no one likes you when you’re 23 or younger. While you’re here wondering what you should do and judging others by asking “how old is someone?”, we’ve collected the best career advice for the youth. If you’re wondering about things you can do when you’re 18 and how to build up your life successfully – tune in!

How to Find a Dream Job?

  1. Try To Learn About Everything

It’s true that learning helps to learn, even if it sounds absurd. When you’re finally hired at your first company, no matter whether it’s big and successful, or you are in a high position – one of the things you can do at 18 is to let yourself find all the new information and try to remember it. From how the company works to what coffee do the people in your office prefer, things old people do or young people do, just believe that every piece of it will help you survive and do your best in your new group of colleagues and in your working place.

If you ever have a question – don’t be scared to ask it, but try your best to find an answer by yourself. This will prove you’re interested in what your company does and that you’re perfect to be employed for a long time.

  1. Get Your Vibe Right

If you think that no one likes you when you’re 23, you’re not looking at your facts straight. You should try and work with a fresh and happy attitude towards everything you do while learning something new. In any case, even if you’re working in Burger King, you can always take pieces of advice and observe how this food chain works – from the smallest to most obvious details. You can learn how to work among other employees and ways to help others while also getting a reward in cash.

  1. Choose By Value, Not By Salary

In times when you’re thinking about things you can do when you’re 18 and finally getting into your job interview, try to ask yourself some questions before that. Don’t just try to grab the biggest rice for your work but rather think about what you can learn from the place you’ll be working in. Will you get some kind of promotion and personal growth or is it just a place to get some money for now? Can this company give you a boost when you need it?

  1. Feedback Is Important

Whether a person is getting it in a positive form or negative one, you don’t even need to ask “how old is someone” because it will be clear from their reaction. Young people tend to take everything personally, especially if they get absorbed in the working process and try their best at the work they do.

Things you can do at 18 include taking your time to think after you’re getting criticized or praised for your skills. Give yourself 20-24 hours to firmly understand what the person wanted to tell you and talk to them about it without any backlash.

  1. Take Hold of What You’re Good at And Don’t Be Scared of What You’re Bad at

We all have our bad and good sides and it’s alright if one of them is bigger than the other. Of course, no one likes you when you’re 23 and can’t even do anything with your skills, it’s simply stupid. You should learn to grab attention with what you’re good at, take advantage of that and let yourself enjoy it as much as you can.

On the other hand, one of the wise things you can do at 18 is to learn your coping mechanism for the side you’re bad at. For example, you can simply push yourself and learn a new skill. Even the smallest amount of time spent on it will make a difference if you simply face your fear.

  1. Learn on Mistakes

It’s a cliché thing to say and it’s definitely one of the things old people do, yet it’s a life rule already. Learn on your mistakes, small or big, memorize them and get the best out of your failures. Stop crying over spilled milk because you won’t get going if you don’t take a step forward. Why would you mourn over something that already happened? Whatever it was, you should calm down and think about tips you can give yourself for your future projects. This is probably a very obvious piece of advice, yet it is often underestimated today.

  1. Recognize Your Results

One of the best things you can do when you’re 18 – don’t focus on public recognition. You better try and achieve something for your own good and get some experience before thinking about getting praised by others. Yes, it feels good, but your future career will feel better if you just try your hardest and best with what you do instead of talking about your goals without any purpose.