Life-Saving Fashion Hacks That No One Has Told You About

Having some fashion-related issues? Can’t decide on which shoe size? Or have trouble with deciding on your perfect heel height? Ladies can be put in so much trouble. This post will be so helpful.Check out these fashion hacks that no one has told you about!

The 3 size rule

When it comes to picking the right shoes, you should always try on 3 sizes: your usual one, half size smaller and half size larger. Shoe sizes can vary from one to another.

Double sided tape can be a life saver

Many fashionistas swear by this one. Tape can be so much helpful in many situations. If you wear a over sized shirt and want to keep the cleavage out of sight, then put some double sided tape. If you have a one shoulder dress, and you hate when your bra is visible, then tape it. You will thank me for this one!

Choose the right colors

The right colors will make your skin look brighter and you will look more fresh. Wrong colors will make you dull and dark. Get to know your skin undertone and the colors that would compliment it.Here is how you can determine it.

 Going backless

If you have a super sexy backless dress, you wouldn’t want for the bra to be seen for sure. The smartest idea is to swe in a bra into the dress. Pretty simple, but this one will save you a lot of effort.

Keep your buttons in place

This one is so helpful if you have a loose button, and you are in a hurry. Coat the thread with some clear nail polish. It will hold it in place.

Find the right heel height for you with a simple trick

Remove your shoes and sit down. Lift your leg up so it is straight. Relax your foot and ankle. To measure the height of you perfect heel, imagine a line from your big toe to where your foot ends. Then imagine connecting it to the foot. This line is the perfect measure for your heel height.

Care for leather,such as you would for  skin

If you have leather shoes or bags, it is very important to care. As real skin, if they are left moisture they will eventually crack. You can use body lotion when you are out of shoe products.