Younique Lashes: The Foundation for Amazing Lashes 

I love my lashes, but that has not always been the case. Time has worn them down. Stress has made them brittle, and age has made them greatly in need of care. Genetics has not always been my friend, either. I strongly believe in using what you have and looking around to find how to make the best of a situation, which is how I came across the Younique brand of lash products. From the Moodstruck Esteem Lash Serum to a range of mascaras and even a primer, I have found something in this line for almost every lash situation, and even a potential emergency or two, and have learned to embrace my lashes, make them healthier, and love them without faking them. 

Moodstruck Esteem Lash Serum 

This was the first Younique lash product that I purchased, and to be perfectly honest, though I still love the others, it’s still my favorite. It has helped me embrace my natural beauty and gain confidence. Not only can Younique’s Moodstruck Esteem Lash Serum rebuild and grow lashes, but it can also work on thinning and balding eyebrows, which is very helpful to those of us who have over plucked over the years. To gain maximum results, I apply the Younique lash serum once in the morning, about 10 minutes before I apply eye makeup, and at night after I have cleansed and used other products on my face and eye area. I started to see real results in four weeks, and have never felt so great as when I saw it making my lashes thicker and longer than before starting to use this product. 

Moodstruck Lash Primer 

Younique’s Moodstruck Epic Lash Primer is a fantastic base for instances when I need my lashes to be perfectly separated and curled before I put on mascara. The primer is white when it is applied to the lashes, which might look a little funny, but when you put your mascara on over it, it covers perfectly. I like that this primer prepped my lashes and made them look longer and fuller, even before I applied the mascara. The amount of lift and volume I get from applying the primer before my Younique 3D mascara on is always worth that extra step to me, and I greatly enjoy my Younique lash primer. 

Moodstruck Epic 4D Mascara 

Nylon, y-shaped fibers are actually built into this formula to give wearers the ultimate length, volume, and lift in the lashes. I have absolutely had so much fun wearing this amazing formula. I have had friends ask repeatedly if I am wearing false eyelashes, which always makes me giggle, but honestly feels great. Who knew my once-short lashes could ever be accused of being fake? There are two sides of the Epic 4D Mascara wand- a flat short side and a more curved, rounded side. Both sides help distribute the mascara and those y-shaped, nylon fibers around and onto the lashes so that volume and length are locked into place. When I wiggle the brush onto my lashes, I get an effect that is better than anything I’ve tried. This product is simply amazing, and I am so impressed with the results I was able to achieve with it.

Happy Lashes, Happy Woman 

I have found that the foundation for creating amazing lashes for me, is certainly best accomplished when using Younique products on my lashes. They help my lashes achieve lengths I didn’t know were possible. I even used the product without a primer, and with only one coat, and was still mesmerized by how gorgeous and tall my lashes stood!

Disclosure: The author does not receive compensation directly from Younique, but is compensated for their opinions and posts.