3 Styling Hacks We Are Stealing From Fashion Guru

Learning an array of new fashion tricks from fashion gurus help us withstand the ever-changing styles and fashion for every season. Taking cues from the top tastemakers of the fashion industry that publish your favorite publications can help you stay on top of the major trends.

For the consumers who have no sense of style, they look up to fashion gurus as their style inspiration to stay classy or edgy. The hacks of fashion gurus can be simple or creative that can serve as the perfect guide for everyone’s fashion needs. In addition, the benefit of looking up to fashion gurus is that they provide you free high-quality wardrobe service.

Incorporating the latest, innovative, and most clever styling tips and tricks can help you achieve the perfect look. Although stealing styling hacks from fashion gurus may sound malicious, the intention of fashion gurus flaunting their fashion is for everyone to adapt to their style by even making it their own. Read on to know more about the three styling hacks we are stealing from fashion guru.

Mixing and Matching Bright Hues

Mixing and matching bright analogous tones is one of the basic styling hacks of fashion gurus. By taking a vibrant yellow power suit as well as incorporating it with a healthy dose of Sunrise orange can make you look chic because you know the proper way of combining colors. Knowing how to match your colors can easily make you look like a fashion professional.

Always keep in mind that the colors next to each other on the color wheel can help you look stylish because of the mesmerizing effect of analogous color being styled together. You can also try other analogous tones combinations such as pink and red or green and blue.

Chuck Taylors With Everything

The retro-cool vibe effect of wearing Chuck Taylors can help ease the strong effects of a high-fashion look. Iconic sneakers of Converse can provide you a classic style that’ll help you look cool no matter what combination of outfits you wear. You can even mix up different styles of outfits and pair it with Chuck Taylors and still look cool doing it.

However, keep in mind that you should know every fashion rule before you can break them, otherwise you’ll make yourself look like a fool even with Chuck Taylors on. On the other hand, you also have to maximize the use of Chuck Taylors because they have different styles and colored designs. Thus, you’ll have the freedom of mixing and matching.

Cuffing the Jeans

Cuffing the jeans are one of the latest styling hacks that fashion gurus are incorporating with their fashion because it instantly freshens up their style. Even if you tend to wear your outfits almost all the time throughout the year, the different types of cuffing jeans can help you alternate your style. 

The most common styling hack for cuffing different types of jeans are the fine and fab cuffs. If you’re the type to always wear skinny jeans, taking a half-inch wide of the end of the jeans and rolling them times can provide you a streamlined look due to the tightness of the jeans.

However, you’re the type to wear bigger style of jeans like the boyfriend jeans, you have to keep in mind that more rolling and less cuffing will be involved. The bulkier, looser fabric looks perfect when integrated with messier cuffs because they give you a casual vibe but they also let others aware that you know your style.

The benefits of cuffing or rolling your jeans are that they can highlight your footwear. Cuffing your jeans along with wearing Chuck Taylors are the easiest styling hacks you could utilize to improve your style and fashion.


Fashion gurus serve as style inspiration for those who want to look chic and trendy every time a new fashion style comes up during the change of season. You have to be confident with incorporating the styling hacks you’re taking from fashion gurus to make it look like the style is yours.

Further, you also have to read the latest magazines and fashion collections so that you don’t run out of any ideas and you want to reduce the wearing of the same style almost every day. You can also pair your styling hacks with accessories by checking out thewatchcompany.com to help you mix and match your style and fashion.