Entrepreneur Doe Deere Launching Dazzling New Jewelry Brand Called “Poppy Angeloff”

Every person on the planet has a favorite gemstone or two. The rich colors exude mystery, beauty and personal style.

Doe Deere has always lived her life in megawatt colors, and the entrepreneur believes in the magic and brilliance of emeralds, rubies, topazes, amethysts, sapphires and many others. She and her husband Mark have never feared to embark on a new journey. In fact, they are always moving ahead.

Doe and Mark are excited to be welcoming a baby into their lives. The timing is right, and the pair has never been more ready and over the moon with delight. Their hands are full, but that makes their life have more purpose, and running a new jewelry company together adds bold discovery, innovation and another path to make a creative statement to the world.

Russian-born Doe is launching her new jewelry brand with her special co-founder, her sister, Kat Dey. Together, the beautiful siblings have decided to call the company “Poppy Angeloff.” The gorgeous pieces are often designed with flowers as inspiration, and Doe is moved by floral beauty in all its unique shapes, sensual scents, happy hues and delicate nature.

Doe and Kat possess exquisite taste in fashion, makeup and hair, and jewelry is a personal love they also want to share with the masses.

As Kat of Petite Studio describes the new venture, “I can’t wait for people to watch this fairytale unfold.”

The sisters come from a line of proud, strong and petite women, and their elegant small stature was the catalyst behind the jewelry line launch. Kat and Doe have wanted to create “intricate jewelry to flatter our small hands.”

At the moment, Poppy Angeloff has announced that access is exclusive and by invitation only. It’s an ‘invisible’ online boutique. The company already has its own Instagram page, and Doe is an expert in social media and e-commerce brand-building. She knows how to seduce the customer and present a product that modern women want and something that is sexy and mysterious and on-trend.

Even at a young age, Doe Deere has always had a keen aesthetic eye for businesses that promote beauty and strength. Many people fondly recall her creation of the Lime Crime makeup brand in 2008. Doe established a cosmetics label that no one had dared put out there with wildly colored lipsticks and glittery eyeshadows.

Doe has a pulse on pop culture and putting her personal stamp on jewelry and raising a family are her new babies. She can do it all because she has the energy, inspiration and drive to achieve. The connection with Kat is special and strong, and Doe and Mark continue their incredible love and work ethic together. Somehow, it all functions, and life couldn’t be better.

Poppy Angeloff uses the pansy as its floral brand symbol, and the sisters like its connotation that goes back to Victorian England times. Back in those days when love or passion was not allowed to be openly expressed, the delicate flower became a symbol of secret courting. If you received a pansy, it meant that someone was thinking of you or loving you or desiring you, etc.

Doe Deere has never feared failure, and she knows her power and the unique gifts the universe has blessed her with. Everyone has distinct qualities and strengths, she says.

“And when you tune into that, that’s when you really start to blossom and reach your truest potential.”

Just like the blossoming of Poppy Angeloff and the birth of her and Mark’s baby, the new journey begins.