4 Fashion Accessories That Every Man Should Own

4 Fashion Accessories That Every Man Should Own

Learning how to accessorize with your wardrobe can be challenging for a man. Sometimes men avoid wearing jewelry or other accessories because they don’t know how to style it, or they fear it will take away from their look rather than add to it. We understand the struggle. As long as you invest in the right types of accessories and know how to properly work them into your wardrobe, it will take your entire look to the next level. If you’re thinking about experimenting with some new accessories like men’s gold bracelets or a new outer layer, check out these expert tips.

Men’s Jewelry

Some men think that jewelry adds too much of a feminine aspect to their wardrobe, but this is definitely not the case. There are plenty of jewelry styles that can add to your masculine vibe and give your attire that extra element that pulls together your style and shows off how fashionable you are. Before you start buying a bunch of accessories, you need to carefully consider the look that you’re going for. What type of style do you identify with most? 

If you’re the kind of guy who likes the urban streetwear look, rocking items like a white tee with dark jeans and a pair of boots or cool sneakers, you’ll probably be interested in men’s gold chains, bracelets and even rings. These pieces are a bit flashier, but they work to pull together a specific type of look. If you’re the kind of guy who prefers a more subtle look with a lot of neutral colors and sharp blazers, we recommend wearing a nice quality timepiece like a Rolex watch. This keeps the look simple and adds an air of sophistication. 

Trendy Blazers

You may think of blazers as more of a clothing item than an accessory, but this isn’t always true. A great blazer can become added to an outfit to give it a bit of color or pizzaz, but you may not want to wear the sports jacket all night. Of course, you will need a couple of blazers in neutral colors like black, gray, or navy blue, but blazers are also an accessory that you can use to jazz up a look. If you’re rocking a white or black tee and a clean pair of jeans, you can make the look more fashionable by investing in a blazer in a bright color or a funky pattern. 

4 Fashion Accessories That Every Man Should Own

Briefcase or Bag

Another common accessory for men is a briefcase or bag, but you probably won’t be carrying these around on an everyday basis. Briefcases and stylish bags for men can work as both a functional accessory to carry your important work documents in, but they also add a chic and professional feel to your wardrobe. 

If you’re a traditional kind of guy, the briefcase may be your best bet. Find one in a black or brown that will match your favorite work shoes, and then try sporting this new accessory with a sharp suit and walk into your office with confidence. 

The man bag is another new trend that provides men with their own way to carry their belongings around from the office to a lunch meeting. These bags tend to have a flap covering the top, and they are large enough to carry a laptop. Find a fabric that will match with the majority of your clothing, so you can sport this look anytime. 


Class up your look with a stylish pair of cufflinks when you’re getting suited up. This accessory is small but important and can add a dash of your personality to an otherwise common outfit. Cufflinks are typically worn with a button-down shirt and a suit jacket. 

You don’t have to be wearing a full suit to don this look. Throw on a pair of dark jeans and a cool blazer, and then add your own flair with your cufflinks. You can find everything from a simple look with sterling silver circular or square cufflinks to a more blinged-out style with gemstone cufflinks and unique shapes or designs.

Tips for Wearing Men’s Accessories

  • Wear the Same Metal for Jewelry

If you’re new to the men’s jewelry game, you may feel a little useless about how to rock your latest accessories. Keep it simple with just a few pieces that you love and avoid over-accessorizing or your outfit will look haphazardly thrown together. 

If you’re into the gold chain look, start off wearing just one chain at a time until you learn how to mix and match your jewelry with your different outfits. Men’s watches are an easy accessory to add. These pieces look great with a daytime outfit and full-suit. We recommend investing in high-quality products like Rolex watches for a sophisticated look and to ensure that your watch will last for a long time. If you decide to mix watches or bracelets with a necklace, be sure to stick with the same metal tones. Don’t sport a yellow gold necklace with a steel watch band.

  • Fedoras Are Out

Sometimes a fedora can look stylish and professional, but, for the most part, this accessory is often thought of as being flashy and unflattering. The fedora trend may make its way back around in the future, but, for right now, it’s not a fashionable accessory to wear out in public. If you want to sport a hat, try sticking with a baseball cap, flat-brimmed hat, or even a rancher or cowboy-style hat if it fits with your overall fashion style.

4 Fashion Accessories That Every Man Should Own

Show Off That Manly Style with the Right Accessories

Maybe you’ve got a solid wardrobe, but are you really taking advantage of all the men’s accessories that are out there? If you’ve always shied away from adding a men’s gold chain or a cool man’s bag to your look, step up your game by trying something new. Wearing a unique style is all about your confidence. Find accessories that you love and which fit with your particular vibe, and then step out into the world looking and feeling good. We bet you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.