4 Popular types of micro bikinis

Bikinis have had a long history.

First appearing during 1940s, these swimsuits quickly became popular in USA. This coincided with more liberties and a desire to try something new.

While first micro bikinis were very revealing for their time and even caused a stir, that never stopped them from getting smaller. Women wanted to wear items that will show their prominent features. In time, this led to appearance of micro bikinis.

Today, there are numerous types of micro bikinis. For laymen, they all might seem similar but there are big differences in design. Here are some of the sexiest types of micro bikinis you can find on the market today.

  • Cheeky

Cheeky or otherwise known as Brazilian cut, are bikinis with a really deep cut in the back. It is similar to thong in a sense that it goes all the way along the cheeks. The underwear covers your private parts without having the “tent” effect like most other ones have. They look amazing on women with great curves especially those who have a nice bottom. It places focus on hips and butt. As a result, your profile will also look much better when you wear them.

  • Thong bikini

If you think that cheeky bikini is revealing, you will be surprised when you try out thong. First and foremost, this type has much less fabric than the Brazilian cut. In fact, its lower area is the same as the thong. While behind is relatively open, your frontal area is decently covered unlike some other more revealing micro bikinis. Normally, due to its more revealing nature, this one will show much more of your features. Needless to say, it is not ideal for persons with unflattering stature. Keep in mind that certain forms of micro bikinis are prohibited on US public beaches. In that sense, thong bikini is an ideal solution for you as it will reveal a lot but you still won’t be driven off the sand.

  • High cut

High cut bikinis are extremely popular this year. The trend started with fashion stars such as Kyle Jenner and it spread to the rest of Hollywood. As you can presume based on the name, high cut has bottom cut which goes above waste. In a way, this is a bit of retro style that has become popular once again. Another reason why it has become so popular is because many more women can wear it; unlike thong, it has emphasis someplace else.

  • Micro bikinis

Classic micro bikinis are extremely popular in California where everything goes. To laymen, micro bikini may resemble thong a lot. But, there is significant difference: micro uses much less fabric. This difference is obvious at a first glimpse. Keep in mind that thong bikinis usually refer to the bottom part of swimwear. Unlike that, micro refers to both top and the bottom. Another interesting thing about them is they don’t have padded cups. In other words, what you see is what you get. This is precisely why there aren’t many women prepared to try their luck with this type of a swimwear. Certain models are a bit too revealing up to a point where your lady parts can be seen by everyone. Still, given that micro bikinis cannot be worn on public beaches, you can rest assured that people will not judge you when on private beaches.

These are some of the basic micro bikini models.

Keep in mind that there are certain item types such as microkinis and teardrop, but that should be discussed in another article. These ones are much more popular and if you wish to go with something bold, you should definitely get a micro bikini for the next summer!