What Face Shape Do Aviators Look Best on?

It’s not a secret that aviators are the first commercially popular sunglasses style that first developed in the 1930s. The name “aviators” came to be because the stylish frame was purposely designed for US pilots to protect their eyes while flying.

What Face Shape Do Aviators Look Best on?

General Douglas MacArthur made prescription aviators well-known when he touched down in the Philippines during WWII. The photos of him rocking the frame. Which was taken by newspaper photographers of him wearing the frame became a lasting image during WWII.                                                                                                                

Later on, the aviator became more than a military-style, it became a fashion statement. Public figures like Michel Jackson, Tom Cruise, Roger Walters, Elvis Presley, George Micheal, and Jeff Lynee rock aviators between the 70s till the 80s. Adding to the previous popularity of the frame.

However, despite that the fact that aviators have been around for a while. It’s still in vogue today. But how do you know that you are rock this frame right?

In a moment, we’ll be looking at some of the face shapes aviators look best on. Without wasting more of your time. Let’s get started, shall we?

How You Can Determine Your Face Shape

Before we look at the face shape suitable for aviators. You should be able to determine the shape of your face. You should be able to determine the shape of your face if you follow the following steps.

●      Step 1: Take a straight picture of yourself. While you take these pictures make sure your hair is pulled away from your face.

●      Step 2: Pick your favorite

●      Step 3: Print out the picture.

●      Step 4: Place dots at the tops, bottom, and sides of your face.

●      Step 5: Trace between these dots to determine your face shape.

Shaped Face Best Suited for Aviators

The following include the kinds of face shapes the classic aviator frames will look best on:

●      Square face shape: Identified by strong, well-defined angles in the jawline, cheeks, and forehead. This face shape possesses a forehead, cheekbones, and jaw equal in width. The goal when choosing eyewear for this face shape is to decide on one that compliments the face shape. With aviators, this can be easily accomplished. Aviators give the face a more balanced and symmetrical look.

●      Diamond-shaped face: This face shape is identified as a narrow jawline or forehead. Coupled with wide cheekbones. When you are deciding on a pair of sunglasses for the type of shaped face, your aim should be the enhancement of your cheekbones. With aviator frames, the gentle curve will match up with the natural highpoints of this kind of shaped-face.

●      Oval-shaped face: This face shape is identified by a chin slightly narrower than the forehead. This face shape is also identified with balanced features. In this face shape, the cheekbones are the broadest region of the face. The oval can easily go with almost any style or looks because of the symmetric feature of the face. An aviator is an ideal choice from classy and chicly to sporty and bold looks.

●      Triangle-shaped face: The triangle-shaped face is widest at the jaw but slowly gets narrow through the region of the forehead. The type of shaped face either has a square or flat shaped chin. Therefore, if you have a triangle-shaped face and you are contemplating a pair of sunglasses. The idea is to highlight the dimension while minimizing the widest of the jawline. In a nutshell, you should decide on frames with more going on up top. However, the aviator frames are one of the major frames that fit this description. 

●      Heart-shaped face: It is identified by a broader forehead and temple coupled with a narrow jawline and chin. This type of face shape has the slimiest chin of all face shapes. When deciding on a pair of eyewear for this face shape. The aim is to shift attention from the straight edges of the face. To create a more elongated demeanor. This can only be achieved when you wear aviators as aviators will give the semblance of a more rounded face.

●      Round face shape: The round face shape is classified as a soft and circular shape. This face shape is identified as a wider forehead with a broader jawline. Just as the round and square shape face, here, the width and length are almost the same. The primary consideration when deciding on eyewear for this kind of face is the enhancement of the shape. Therefore when you decide on elongated styles. It gives your face a slimmer and sharpened appearance. Aviator eyewear will create a great dimension and compliments your face.