4 Simple Tips to Care for Your Jewelry

4 Simple Tips to Care for Your Jewelry

From enhancing beauty to serving as a symbol for wealth, there are lots of reasons why many value jewelry. But like everything else, these items need to be looked after properly to ensure that they remain in good shape. Fortunately, keeping them from dullness, scratches, and discoloration isn’t as complicated as it sounds. In reality, it’s a reasonably straightforward affair. With that said, we’ll discuss some tips that will help you to keep your accessories looking as pristine as they were when they were new for years to come.   

  1. Store them in ziplock bags

It’s common for jewelry to become tarnished over a period of time. After all, these accessories will eventually have contact with air and moisture. But that’s not to say that you can’t improve their longevity. And one way to do it is by storing your accessories in Ziplock bags. Doing so will keep them from any liquid or gaseous substances that can potentially stain or discolor the items and ruin their finishes in the process. Additionally, you can include a piece of chalk in the bag because it can absorb moisture. However, if you’re concerned about the dust, you can always invest in silica packs or dehumidifiers.

  1. Alternate between all pieces

Like clothing, it’s never a good idea to wear the same jewelry pieces all the time. You’ll wear them out quickly if you do. So instead, alternate between each item. Doing so won’t just ensure that your accessories always complement your chosen outfits. But you’ll also avoid the items from becoming too worn and keep them looking brand new. 

  1. Clean them after use 

One of the reasons why jewelry deteriorates quickly is that people fail to clean them after use. Instead, most just store them without even giving them a quick wipe. As mentioned earlier, the combination of air and moisture can wear them out quickly. Since wearing the accessories guarantees that they’ll be in contact with both, you can wipe the items using an anti-tarnish cloth before you put them away. It may sound tedious, but this habit will help you maintain your jewelry much better than you otherwise would have.

  1. Never use toothpaste

Jewelry is as much of an investment as it is a fashion statement. So if you want to get greater returns, you’ll need to make sure that they always look their best and look for the best stores and dealers where to sell diamonds and other delectable accessories. And you won’t be able to get good money out of them if you use the famous home remedy – toothpaste – to clean up your jewelry. It’s an abrasive solution that can cause a lot of damage in the long run.


Contrary to what some might think, jewelry isn’t hard to care for. By following these simple tips, you’ll keep your pieces looking as bright as they were when you purchased them. As a result, you’ll impress with your fashion and get more money out of them if or when you decide to sell.