5 Ways to Wear a Scarf for Plus Size Ladies

Plus-size women often have a hard time pulling together a look and make a statement because it’s challenging to find clothes they’re comfortable in. But, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to look fabulous, size doesn’t matter, especially if you want to express your style.

Looking at your best no matter what your size is, and what style you have helps you gain more confidence in yourself. The use of accessories helps you live your life better because you’re free to do whatever you want while looking fabulous at the same time. Keep in mind that accessories are plus size women’s best friend when it comes to looking your best.

Scarves are the one single accessory to pull your look together and add instant panache to your outfit. The varieties of colors and patterns of a scarf along with a different style of wearing it will help an attitude of style and confidence. Here are five ways to wear a scarf for plus size ladies.

Classic Drape

The classic drape is the most straightforward way to wear a scarf. This style intends to show simplicity while at fashionably highlighting your style. To wear this scarf, you drape the scarf over your shoulders with both ends of the scarf hanging loosely.

To make the classic drape style look more classy, it’s best to wear an all-black outfit with a colored scarf to complement it. Wearing black makes your body look flatter, while the colored scarf takes the attention away from your body.

The Quick Toss

The quick toss is another simple way to wear a scarf. The way to wear this is to wrap a long drape scarf over your shoulder, make sure that one end is a little longer than the other. You then loop the longer end over your neck, so that it hangs down from your back.

The quick toss style makes your body look more elongated, and the scarf also secures your back if you ever don’t feel confident about it. The quick toss way of wearing a scarf also provides you moderate warmth, perfect style of wearing a scarf during the winter.

Fake Knot

The fake knot is a basic way of wearing a scarf that makes you look a bit more on the classy side. The function of the fake knot is similar to wearing a tie since you can adjust the know by pulling it up or down. 

The way to wear a fake knot scarf is to first wear the scarf over your shoulder, you then tie a loose knot on one side of the scarf. Following this, you take the other side of the scarf, and you insert it to the knot and adjust it until it looks similar to a loose tie. Make sure that the knot is near your upper chest but not too close to the neck.

The Infinity Loop

The infinity loop way of wearing a scarf hides the loose ends of a scarf. The way to make the infinity loop is to drape the scarf over your shoulders, with the two ends of the scarf hanging equally to each other. You then tie two overhand knots, ensuring that the first overhand knot won’t slip.

Following this, the scarf will look like the shape of an O, you then twist the scarf to achieve an eight-figure. After this, you wear drape the bottom loop of the eight-figure, over your head.

Accessorized Fake Knot

The accessorized fake knot begins similarly to wearing a fake knot scarf. The purpose of accessorizing is like adding a cherry on top. You’re making the scarf look even more fashionable.

There is also a slight difference between the accessorized fake knot and the fake knot that makes it look incredible for plus size ladies. The only thing you have to do is to pull the knot so that it goes tightly closer to your kneck. You then attach a big flower hair claw to the knot, hiding the knot behind it.

You can also try wearing a watch to pair with the accessory of the scarf. Watches like Panerai for ladies are perfect for pairing with scarves. It’s like your putting another cherry on a cherry on top.


You can always be creative with the way you wear and style your scarf. However, the best thing to do is to avoid bulky knots because it’ll make you look wider as well. The idea of tying a knot is to make your body look elongated, and that the scarf will help highlight your outfit even more.