4 Vital Reasons Not to Sleep with Makeup on Your Bed

4 Vital Reasons Not to Sleep with Makeup on Your Bed

Have you ever got home, tired to the bone after a hard day at work and simply crashed into bed? You kicked your shoes off, got rid of your worked clothes and said to yourself: there’s no way in hell I’ll get up to remove my makeup now. I’ll do it in the morning!

I know I did; and not just once. Actually, this was a common occurrence when I was younger. Because I couldn’t see any immediate marks of my mistake on my face I thought I wasn’t affected. What’s with all this talk about makeup removal at night?

Well, as I advanced in life (and age) I learned everything comes at a cost. Not removing my makeup before going to bed is not an option anymore because I saw the marks on myself, but also because I got in touch with several specialists that explained how bad of a habit this is.

Below you can learn a bit more about this destructive habit and I hope you’ll understand the importance of cleaning your skin before bed.

#1:  The Skin Can’t Breathe

Every organ in our body needs oxygen to function properly, and the skin is the largest organ we have. While we don’t use makeup to cover our entire skin, the face is usually pretty much covered, especially if you practice daily makeup.

Most of the creamy stuff we use (like foundation, illuminator, cream, and more) get absorbed, but when you add powder and use a solution to fixate your makeup, most of the pores get covered and oxygen won’t be able to get through as easily.

Now, if you keep your skin covered during the day, can you imagine what will happen if you maintain the same coverage during the night? The result can be seen in acne, blackheads, frail skin, and all sorts of other problems.

2: You Look Older

Because the skin can’t breathe, you will lose that natural, healthy glow in the morning and you can wake up looking older (which sort of defeats the purpose of makeup). Even more, there is a solid connection between the way you sleep and the number of wrinkles you have.

While visiting Trymattress.com, I learned that, if you sleep on your side or stomach, you can accelerate the skin’s aging process. This happens because you smoosh your face into a pillow night after night. Even more, if you didn’t remove your makeup, foundation can creep into the fine lines that are already on your face, making you look 10 years older.

#3: Anti-Aging Cream Won’t Be Effective

Anti-aging cream is a way to make sure we look young for a longer period of time, but you must follow a certain routine for this to work. If you tend to apply anti-aging skin care products on top of your makeup at night, the result won’t be at all satisfying!

#4: Your Lingerie Will Suffer Too

More exactly, your pillowcase will be the one to suffer. During the night, as you move, you rub your face on your pillow and the one that gets most of the effect is the pillowcase. If you sleep with makeup on, depending on the type and quantity, when you wake up, half of it may actually be on the pillowcase.

Now, makeup is designed to be absorbed and all those oily substances are not easy to remove from fabric. If you like to have nice linens, then I recommend using a makeup remover before going to bed. Otherwise you will ruin both your face and your expensive bedding.

I know it may seem like the most difficult thing to do when you’re tired, but it only takes 5 minutes to remove your makeup. Everything else, like treating your skin, getting rid of wrinkles, and even cleaning your sheets will take way longer than that!