4 Ways To Instantly Turn Old Heels Into Outstanding And Fabulous Ones+Photo Tutorial

Hello to all those stylish ladies out there! Are you in need of some fashion advises? Today i have something that will help you keep up with that glamorous style.Women love high heel, we know that. And we probably have tons of them in our closets. If you are fed up with the ones you have,don’t buy new ones. Instead, take the old ones and put a little effort to make them look like new ones. Express yourself and show your creativity! I give you: 4 ways to turn¬†old heels into outstanding and fabulous ones!

#1 Jeweled heel

Spicing up the look with some jewels can be a good choice. It is a great idea to turn those old and boring shoes into a gorgeous new pair. The trick is to use different stone sizes to make it appear “store bought”. First, stick the big ones, as shown below. Between them, stick some smaller jewels to fill the gaps. It will instantly make them look more glamorous!

#2 Dolce & Gabbana heels

Turn your pumps into stylish ones, inspired by Dolce & Gabbana.  These ones are rich with details and will spice up any outfit. If you are into unique pieces, these idea will be so helpful. Create your prefect ones adding lace and different kinds of stones and jewels. Perfect for a night out!

#3 Beaded heel

If you are seeking for simple, but fancy ones this idea is for you. Sticking some beads to the heel will make them look glamorous, without overloading it with detail. This is a very easy way to make your old heels look like new ones. All you need to do is put glue all over the heel and stick some beads of your choice.

#4 Sparkly suede heels

If you want to make the simplest outfit look glamorous, then add up heels like these. They will add a stylish note even to jeans. Choose suede heels and add some sparkly stones. The gorgeousness is guaranteed!


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