5 Money-Saving Tips For Shopping Clothes With Your Tween Girl

No one is more temperamental and fashion-forward than your tween girl. You may have noticed that she has already developed her own style preferences and that she is finally growing into her own person. Our fashion choices extend beyond what is “in”; it also shows the world a bit of our personality. Buying your tween new clothes is also giving her permission to be herself. Long gone are cute characters, tiaras, and pink frills. And while you can no longer pick what she wants to wear, you can at least save a little money doing it. 

Tween girls are still far from their adult size, so it is financially smart to cut the costs of obtaining new clothes. If you want to splurge on mommy and me outfits, mummy and me outlets like Hayden Girls are a great place to start. For mothers of tween girls who want to try matching with cost in mind, here are a few places you can shop and save:

Hand Me Downs

The easiest and least expensive way to shop for clothes with your tween girls is to seek out hand-me-downs from friends and family. Older siblings’ hand-me-downs are also a great source of new clothes. Some moms may feel uncomfortable about giving their children hand-me-downs, but fashion has evolved greatly. Fashion trends are constantly being recycled, and many fashion powerhouses are pushing for a “greener initiative.” The truth is that the world and younger generations have become much more “green.” Stopping waste and rehoming great quality clothes is something many kids look to do. Getting hand-me-downs from friends and family can feel like a free Christmas, and you would be helping someone else clear out their clutter. Bonus: You are also stopping these clothes from making it to the landfills!

Consignment Stores

As stated above, there is no longer a “shame” to shopping/wearing second-hand clothes. It has been deemed “cool” by Gen Z and is commonly referred to as thrifting. Consignment stores allow you and your tween to find quality pieces at a fraction of the cost. Thrifting is a great way to save money.  Many stores are littered with brand names and designer goods, and you and your tween will be happy to pay $25 for a pair of Lululemon leggings (They usually retail at $108!). Most cities will have multiple consignment stores, and you may even find something for yourself there. A great tip is going during spring cleaning or after the New Year as many people are decluttering their closets.

Depop/Poshmark/Mercari (Online Consignment)

If you find sorting through vintage clothes to be too much of a hassle or that the pickings at your local thrift store are slim, consider online consignment! Thrifting has never been easier with apps like Depop and Poshmark. Many tweens are growing into their identity, and letting them shop consignment allows them to be more unique with their style. It also allows her to browse for hours without having to fight the smell of mothballs. You can even haggle (respectfully, of course) on these consignment apps.

Overstock Shop (TJ Maxx/Marshall)

If you or your tween is not comfortable with shopping consignment, there are still other ways to save money while shopping for clothes. Marshalls and TJ Maxx are both overstock stores that sell new name brand items at a fraction of the cost. Many department stores will find that their stock is overfilled, or some brands will go out of business. The large influx of goods from these situations will be sold at overstock stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls for a fraction of the cost. It is what allows you to buy a Coach purse at $50 instead of $300.

Overstock stores are a great place to find discounted designer clothes. Many of these overstock stores are also available online, which makes getting a great deal a piece of cake! Items sold at these stores are new, great quality, and affordable. You might get lucky by shopping during a seasonal transition for department stores. It is not unlikely to see the same pair of jeans that were at the mall for half off at your local TJ Maxx.

Rent or Borrow “Occasion” Items

A great way to cut costs is to consider a rental for special occasion items. It is likely your tween girl will never rewear the formal dress from their 12th birthday again. Renting is a great way to shop for your tween without breaking the bank, especially when it is a one-off occasion item. It will greatly reduce the financial burden of expensive attire. You could even ask a family friend to borrow the item. The key to saving money when shopping with your tween girl is to not buy an expensive item that will only be worn once.