College is one of the liveliest and most fun periods in life. The majority of people eventually get to leave their parent’s homes to go to college in another city, or in some cases, the same city or town. College life, apart from the academic aspect, is mostly about parties, sororities, fashion and sports. You might automatically become isolated if you don’t pay attention to your look. Styling has been made easier now, thanks to social media. Applications like Tumblr, Instagram, and Polyvore are filled with millions of fashion pictures you can easily use for inspiration. In addition, there are a lot of YouTube channels that focus on fashion. While these are good sources to get inspiration from, there are some more important factors. The purpose of this article is to give you tips you must follow if you are willing to be stylish or improve your style. Below are some style tips for college students:

  1. Personality and body shape: It’s important to choose a dress that fits your personality, or the personality you’d like to portray. That a cloth looks great on your friend, doesn’t mean it would look great on you. You must also consider the kind of body you have. As an illustration, ladies with a lot of abdominal fat should restrain from wearing crop-tops. This kind of dressing is usually more suitable for people with a flat abdomen. In addition, tank-tops are more flattering on guys with a well-toned and chiselled body, as compared to those that are more on the plus-size side.
  1. Try to be updated with the latest colours: For a college student, it could be fun to find out the latest trends and the colours people are wearing more. Following and monitoring the Instagram handles and Tumblr of some fashionistas might give you an idea of college fashion and fashion trends.  On the other hand, you might choose to be the person who stands out from the crowd and does not wearing what everyone is wearing. Some people prefer to dress re-enacting the 80’s and 90’s fashion tendencies. It’s never a miss, as it reminds people of what fashion used to be and clearly shows that you’re bold enough to rock the trend. Getting this kind of apparel might not be as difficult and costly as you might expect. A visit to the thrift store would save you some good money, and you’d also get some unique stuff. On the other hand, other stuff that you need to get can be found in online stores. Some of these stores include eBay, ASOS, and so on. However, you shouldn’t be in debt in the name of fashion.
  2. Simple and trendy: Sometimes, simplicity is genius. Putting on a lot of complex and complicated colours and clothing might end up looking bad. You don’t want to be looking like a rainbow when it didn’t even rain. It’s best for college students to choose a set of clothing that can be easily put together. The primary reason why people are in college is to study. So everything you do should be in favour of that. Students are mostly busy, with impossible and difficult schedules most times. If you have someone do a essay for you this will save you a lot of time and nerves. This makes it pertinent to choose clothes that would fit, and not reduce your effectiveness and productivity. As an illustration, wearing heels on a hectic day would not be a very wise decision. However, wearing a comfortable sneakers to school might just make your day easier. Now, the trick is looking put-together even on your busiest days. Ensure you have wardrobe basics that can always help you out if there is no time. Overall, less could be more in a lot of cases, including fashion.
  1. It’s possible to look good on a budget: It’s wise not to spend all your earnings on fashion. However, it’s possible to look great and classy even when on a budget. This can be done by attending shops when they have sales. In addition, there are some online markets with good and cheap products. There are Instagram pages that monitor the available sales. Following such account will keep you abreast of the store currently in sales. The truth is the price of your clothing doesn’t really matter. The paramount thing is fitting and comfort. Rocking a 20$ shirt that fits is better than wearing a Gucci shirt that doesn’t.

Invest in accessories: Although it’s good to keep things minimal, rocking some accessories might set you apart from others. For example, investing in a nice bracelet or wristwatch would be a great addition, even if this were the only piece you would wear. Also investing in some nice perfume would also be great. As earlier said, you don’t have to empty your account to look good. You can use gift cards and coupons to get good offers, as saving money is an essential one out of all style tips to follow for students.