5 Tips to Make Your Social Media Accounts Stand Out

The question ultimately becomes: what are you trying to say with your social media? If you want to be controversial, you can be quite visible; but there are controls social media companies use to “throttle back” such accounts. If you’re too “spicy”, the account can be entirely closed down.

For most, that’s not the angle of approach they would prefer to begin with. Many seeking to have strong social media accounts are merely seeking what may be defined as online “clout”.

Others are trying to advertise products or services either for themselves or their business. Everybody has different proclivities here, we’ll explore tactics for greater visibility shortly.

5 Tips to Make Your Social Media Accounts Stand Out

1. Memes and a Wide Reach
Keep in mind, it doesn’t matter what you do with your social media account if you don’t have any engagement with others. You need to add friends and make online relationships to have any sort of impact. That said, indiscriminately adding people isn’t a good idea, as this will make you look desperate, and you may incidentally add some dangerous people.

So you want to expand your reach by adding contacts who are likely to interact with your content and share it. Then you want to have content they’re likely to share. Memes are prime fodder for sharable content. You don’t want to focus on them exclusively; “meme” accounts get tiresome. However, posting lots of popular memes will result in them being shared.

As your memes are shared and people engage with your account, it will grow popular. So pepper in a few memes a day in addition to other content as you grow varying accounts. This advice works for Twitter, IG, and Facebook.

2. Engage With Other Social Media Accounts
Conversation is a two-way street. If you only seek interaction externally, you’ll cut your influence online in half. Respond to all comments, even if it’s just to click the “like” button. If you can, get conversations going. The longer the thread, the more “relevant” it is to the algorithms which run social media platforms. Accordingly, the more visible it will be.

3. Regularly Post Beautiful and Interesting Photos
Beyond memes, people want to see evidence of real social activity. They want to see you doing things. They want to see something that represents a slice of life. So post a lot of good photos, provided of course the photos you post are those you approve.

You can augment them digitally if needed. There is a lot of material to learn how you can remove background from photo design your own photo backgrounds in the app, click here. In fact, when you’re creating your own backgrounds, that’s a lot of fun. Some augment in order to enhance the image in the foreground, others do so as a means of entertainment. You can make memes of yourself if you like.

4. Video Content Has its Place, Don’t Inundate With it, Though
When is the last time you saw someone reading a book? It would be nice if it were this morning. Most people don’t read these days. They should, they don’t. The modern generation is primarily visual. They want to see something, especially if it has a visual component. So have a lot of videos on your page to foster engagement. Don’t over-saturate, though.

As with memes, you’ll want to make a few posts a day, as possible, that have video content; even if that just means sharing a video or two.

5 Tips to Make Your Social Media Accounts Stand Out

5. Regularly Engage With Your Social Media Account
Beyond posting videos, memes, and images, you’ll need to check in on your social media account regularly. The more engagement you give them, the more visible you are in the algorithm, and the more prominence what you post has. Of course, there’s an upper limit to these things. That said, if you want your account to soar, you’ve got to post all the time.

Enhancing Your Social Media Presence
Regularly engage with whatever social media accounts you manage, post video content all the time, make pictures that fit your precise “vision”, post memes, and be sure you interact with people on a regular basis. These things will increase account visibility, assuring your social media presence is more influential, and your account stands out.