5 Ways to Dress Sexy and Stylish During the Winter

5 Ways to Dress Sexy and Stylish During the Winter
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Winter weather calls for bundling up in lots of layers to keep warm despite low temperatures. Having said that, it’s easy to go from winter-clad vixen to abominable snow-person in a matter of minutes with the addition of a hat, scarf, gloves and a warm winter coat. Though staying warm is important, it’s possible to do so while keeping things stylish and even sexy. Here are a few ways you can turn up the style factor on your outfits, give off sexy vibes and stay nice and warm throughout the winter months. 

  1. Embrace Winter Colors: Take a page from the true winter color palette guidebook this season and make a few specific and iconic winter shades a part of your wardrobe. It’s amazing how winter metallics, pewter and a variation of deep gemstone-inspired hues can take an outfit from drab to fab in seconds. In addition to adding a little seasonally-appropriate color, there are certain classic winter shades that are sure to turn up the sexiness of your outfit as well. Deep reds, full dark browns and even cool rosy tones will make your winter looks feel sexy. 
  2. Allow Lingerie to Peek Through: While layering is a must in order to keep warm amidst winter weather, you can definitely still have some fun with your lingerie. A lace bodysuit works wonderfully underneath a cropped sweater and jeans and gives a cheeky peekaboo effect when seen underneath the sweater. In the same vein, you might try styling a sexy bra underneath a mesh or lace top to get a similar effect. This idea is particularly handy if you’re going out for a date or girls’ night! 
5 Ways to Dress Sexy and Stylish During the Winter
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  1. Go Monochromatic: For an effortlessly stylish and chic winter outfit, try a monochromatic look that focuses on a color in varying shades. A simple version of this look is the iconic all-black fashionista ensemble. While you can never go wrong there, you can spice things up by choosing a look that features a different winter color. Green, burgundy or deep violet looks really turn up the style factor regardless of dress code or occasion. 
  2. Tighten Up: The winter months are notorious for baggy, oversized clothing, which can definitely be a nice break from body-baring pieces that are popular in the spring and summer seasons. If you’re looking for a more shapely look, then try going for tight-fitting pieces in your winter wardrobe. While a look made up of all tight clothing isn’t ideal for everyone, creating a balance between tight and loose winter clothing in one outfit makes for a super stylish look that is super sexy. Pair big, chunky boots with leather leggings or skinny jeans to nail the balanced effect. Additionally, you might pair baggier jeans with a fitted and cropped sweater and a flowy skirt with a fitted turtleneck. 

If you’re looking for even more help in the shaping department, try adding shapewear to the mix. Shapewear for women can help smooth the shape of your body so it appears perfectly contoured underneath clothing, eliminating unwanted rolls, bulges or bumps that might be seen through your clothing otherwise. Shapewear can also help to compress different target areas, making you feel more supported during wear and offering both slimming and lifting effects. Lastly, shapewear is tailored to your specific needs and target areas like the tummy, hips, back, butt, legs and even arms. Try it underneath your fitted winter outfits this year!

5 Ways to Dress Sexy and Stylish During the Winter
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  1. Rock Your Statement Jewelry: Winter is a fantastic time to show off your most fun statement jewelry pieces. Besides the fact that it can add glamour and style to any wintry ensemble, big jewelry can also make your look feel sexier. Big cocktail rings will help you show off a great manicure and help to slenderize your fingers. Additionally, big shiny earrings will elevate your look and help to accentuate your face and makeup look. For statement necklaces, try pairing one with a turtleneck or crew neck sweater in a solid color to give the piece a good background and let it speak for itself. Though it’s technically not jewelry, metallic hair accessories like pins, barrettes, clips and similar styles deserve an honorable mention on this one because they help draw attention to the face and add timeless style to a winter outfit. 

However you choose to style your winter wardrobe this year, keep in mind that your personal style is most important. Wear the styles you love and try out something new! You’ll feel sexiest in an outfit that showcases your best features — as well as your confidence.