The Ultimate Date Night Guide Outfit

The Ultimate Date Night Guide Outfit
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Dressing for a first date — or, let’s face it, second or third — is daunting. You want to look your absolute best but still feel approachable yet confident, sweet yet edgy, and the list of contradictions goes on. But try not to sweat it, stop and breathe and remember to be yourself. Okay, now that that’s covered, let’s tackle what to wear. The first step to getting ready for the ultimate date night is to consider where you’re headed. From classy looks to sexy vibes, what you step out in can set the tone for the evening and give your date something to remember you by. Not sure where to start? Here are some elegant and flirty ensembles to wear for all kinds of date nights, from picnicking under the boardwalk to hitting up the city for a concert and pre-drinks.  

The Ultimate Date Night Guide Outfit
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Beach Date Night

Whether you’re headed to the beach boardwalk to ride the Ferris wheel with your honey or swinging by a delicious seafood shack for dinner, beach date nights are guaranteed fun. However, with humid, hot weather, it’s important to keep your summer wardrobe breathable and comfortable. So keep wispy hairs back with a cute headband and slip into some strappy sandals. 

Pair it with a maxi dress made of lightweight chiffon or linen to keep you from sweating. With salty breezes at night, be sure to wear something that flutters and flows in the wind, giving a flirty look to your ensemble. Think of summery patterns like florals or even a watercolor ombre. Vibrant colors are perfect for this kind of date, so go bold — although a crisp white dress is iconic too. 

Keep in mind that as the sun sets and night gets cool, you’ll want a jacket. So, unless you’re testing your partner’s chivalry, be prepared and bring your own lightweight jean jacket or even a kimono-inspired cardigan. If the sun’s still out, be sure to wear some stylish sunglasses to frame the face and a wide-brimmed hat to protect your pretty face from the sun’s harmful rays.  

First Date Night

First dates can be exciting but also nerve-wracking, especially if it’s a first impression and a date with someone you’ve never met. So, when it comes to first dates, we suggest keeping your wardrobe elegant and effortless. After all, these first impressions might imprint their memory forever if all goes well. 

So what exactly does elegant and effortless mean? Essentially, you want to highlight your silhouette and facial features without coming on too strong. Think fitted chiffon blouse top and tapered waistline jeans or a button-up skirt, but leave some things to the imagination. Consider colors that are neutral and soft and textures like romantic lace or casual subtle prints.

Want to show your personality a bit more? Wear a statement piece: earring, bracelet or a hair accessory that you love. The main idea here is to feel confident and comfortable for your first date.  

Movie Date Night

Are you headed to the movies or maybe even a drive-in? Go for an ensemble that looks effortlessly cool and trendy, but keep it comfy. As tempting as it may be to dress down, give it some sophisticated touches to add a touch of glamour and class. 

For example, you could combine a graphic T-shirt and jean jacket with glimmering earrings. Don’t be afraid to wear a dress to the theater, either. If it’s dinner and a movie, slip into a flowy, loose maxi dress or some black jeans with a flirty and blousy chiffon top. Finish it off with block heels for a little height and a long duster or coat to stay warm in the evening. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you don’t mind getting popcorn or a drink on, especially if you have tickets to the latest thriller or horror flick.   

Dinner Date Night

Dinner can be the side dish or the main course for many date nights. Whether you have dinner at a fancy seafood restaurant or grab a burger before a concert, grabbing a bite with someone is the best way to learn one another’s personalities. So, while you want to consider your plans for the rest of the evening, if it’s just dinner, here are some ideas about what you should wear. 

Consider the restaurant’s atmosphere. Is it intimate and romantic, or is it a casual foodie hotspot? Dress up or down, depending on the destination and the night’s events. However, for a dinner date night, you can’t go wrong with a black sleeveless bodycon dress or a maxi dress that highlights your silhouette and hips. 

For an upscale restaurant, pair it with heels and dazzling earrings. For a local food joint or more casual dinner, tone down the style with a pair of sandals and a moto or jean jacket. A bodycon dress is as versatile as it gets, and should be a part of every woman’s capsule wardrobe and date-night ensembles.    

The Ultimate Date Night Guide Outfit
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Concert Date Night

Headed to a concert for your date? Feel free to keep it cool and casual but bold and edgy. Think leather booties and studded moto jackets paired with distressed skinny jeans. Animal prints and vintage tees are a fantastic fashion statement for a concert date night. Or wear the band’s swag and T-shirt, of course, if you have it! Or buy one at the concert merch stand to remember the date by. 

When it comes to shoes, make them comfy. Some concerts are standing room only. Plus, if the show is in the city, you’ll probably be hitting the pavement grabbing dinner and pre-drinks. Finally, give a feminine flair to the edgy look with wavy locks, bright lipstick and ring stacks on your finger. Basically, look like you’re “with the band.” One extra tip: Wear black or at least clothes you don’t mind getting stained. Gathering on a crowded concert floor might attract spilled drinks.