7 Non-Platinum Metal Options for Engagement Rings – (Sorted by Color)

7 Non Platinum Metal Options for Engagement Rings   (Sorted by Color)

There is no denying that platinum engagement rings look amazingly beautiful. However, that beauty comes at a cost. If you search for UK engagement rings price, you will soon discover that the most expensive ones are made from platinum.

For a lot of couples, emptying their cash reserves to buy an engagement ring doesn’t make sense. To find a more affordable alternative, people often turn to other metal options. These metals are not inferior in any way as they often have the same properties as platinum. Some metals like titanium and cobalt are actually more durable than platinum.  In this post, we reveal 7 great alternative metal choices for engagement rings.


18k Yellow Gold: If you want something that has a golden hue there is no alternative to gold. You can either get a gold plated, gold alloy, or a pure gold ring. 18K gold engagement rings are pretty close to being pure gold. They are much more durable than 24K or 22K jewelry and they are more affordable. 18K yellow gold contains 75% pure gold, which adds to its value.

Gold Plated: If you want the luxurious golden sheen without paying a premium cost, gold plated rings are your best bet. However, you would need to get your ring replated every 3 to 5 years as its gold coating tends to wears off overtime.

Reddish Copper

Rose Gold: Nothing compares to the unique reddish-pink color of rose gold. This is a gold and copper alloy that goes really well with diamond and other semi-precious stones. Rose gold rings with more gold percentage have a slightly yellowish tone. Ones with more copper have a rich reddish hue.     


White Gold: If you want a white metal, you would be spoilt for options. White gold is certainly a top pick as it contains real gold. However, the golden color of the gold is not noticeable as it’s often mixed with white metals such as nickel. To top it off, white gold is coated with rhodium, which is an extremely white metal. Thanks to its rhodium coating, white gold engagement rings need to be re-dipped in rhodium from time to time to retain its luster.

Titanium: One of the most durable metals used to craft wedding rings, titanium is supremely lightweight and affordable. In fact, a solid titanium ring without a gemstone costs way below $50. The metal is scratch resistant and requires no polishing or replating. It also looks a lot like platinum, which makes it a great alternative.

Palladium: The supreme durability of titanium is also one of its disadvantages. Mainly because jewelry makers cannot create intricate flowing designs as the metal cannot be hammered to shape. Palladium overcomes this problem because it’s as malleable as gold. It’s a pure metal that’s actually lighter than platinum. Now, because it’s a pure metal and does not contain nickel, it’s also hypoallergenic.

Cobalt Chrome: Want something that’s more durable than titanium? Cobalt should be your metal of choice. The metal has a bright white color and is completely scratch resistant. Even though it’s an extremely durable and hypoallergenic metal, cobalt chrome is one of the most affordable metal choices for engagement rings.