From Brunette to Lavender: Transform Your Hair with Purple Hues

Have you always dreamed of coloring your hair purple? Now you can get the look of your dreams without spending more at the salon.

Purple hair is a bold and beautiful statement that can really turn heads. The wide range of purple hair shades, from soft lavender to deep plum, allows you to customize your look and style.

Learn the process of coloring your hair purple, different shades, and reasons why you should consider this vibrant color.

From Brunette to Lavender: Transform Your Hair with Purple Hues

Why Go for a Purple Hair Color

For everyone trying purple, they see this color as a symbol of creativity, individuality, and a sense of adventure. For these reasons, purple hair has become a choice for those who want to express their unique personalities and styles.

Moreover, light colors like pink and purple hair shades are often seen as unique. This is because it’s a color that’s not as common as a natural hair color, such as blonde, brown, or black.

Shades of Purple to Choose From

Purple hair offers different shades to choose from, each with its own unique charm. Some popular purple hair color ideas include:

  • Royal Purple. This deep and rich shade of purple resembles the color of amethyst gemstones. This makes it a choice for those who want a regal and sophisticated look.
  • Lilac. Lilac hair is a delicate and enchanting shade of vibrant purple. It offers a softer and more subtle appearance. This is perfect for those who desire a dreamy and ethereal aesthetic.
  • Lavender. Lavender hair features a light purple hue with a touch of pastel. It radiates femininity and romance, providing a gentle and whimsical vibe.
  • Violet. A rich and deep purple-brown hair that adds a touch of mystery and allure.
  • Plum. For a darker and more intense purple hair color, a plum is an excellent option. This dark purple hair carries a sense of mystery, creating a dramatic effect.

Selecting the right shade of light or dark purple hair ideas is crucial to achieving the desired look. Consider your skin tone and style when choosing a shade.

How to Use Hair Coloring Conditioners

While a traditional purple hair dye can be harsh and damaging, there’s a gentler alternative that can achieve beautiful results – hair conditioners.

Hair coloring conditioners, also known as color depositing conditioners, are hair care products that provide both color and conditioning benefits. They can add color to your naturally dark hair or blonde, enhance existing color, or neutralize unwanted tones in the hair. Unlike permanent hair dyes, coloring conditioners do not penetrate the hair shaft.

Here’s how:

Choose a hair coloring conditioner

When selecting a hair coloring conditioner, it’s essential to consider several factors.

  • First, determine the desired color outcome. Hair coloring conditioners come in a variety of shades, ranging from vibrant colors to more blonde hair tones.
  • Second, consider your skin tone when choosing the right shade for you.
  • Third, ensure that it’s formulated for your hair type, whether it’s dry, curly, oily, or chemically treated.

Reading customer reviews and recommendations can help.

Prepare your hair

Start with clean, damp hair. Shampoo your hair using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Then, dry your hair until it’s damp.

To avoid staining your clothes with purple hair colors, it’s best to wear an old shirt or drape a towel.

Apply the hair coloring conditioner

Put on gloves. Then, squeeze an adequate amount of the hair coloring conditioner into your hand or a bowl.

Start applying the product to your hair from the roots to the ends. If purple highlights are not your options, use your fingers to evenly distribute the color throughout your hair.

If you only want to color dark or silver-purple hair in certain sections, you can apply the conditioner to those specific areas.

Leave it in

Check the instructions on the hair coloring conditioner for the recommended duration to leave it in your hair.

Some hair coloring conditioners can be left on for as little as 5 minutes, while others may require 20 minutes or more. Follow the instructions for the best results.

Rinse and style

After the recommended time, rinse your hair with lukewarm water until it runs clear. Avoid using shampoo during this rinse, as it can strip away the color. Instead, focus on rinsing out the excess conditioner.

Once rinsed, you can apply a regular conditioner if desired. Gently towel dry your hair or allow it to air dry, and style it as you normally would.

Here are a few ideas to showcase your vibrant locks:

  • Experiment with hair accessories to add an extra touch of style.
  • Try out various braided hairstyles or updos to accentuate the color and create a unique look.
  • Try with purple hair highlights.
  • Embrace contrasting makeup looks that complement your pastel purple hair.

Maintain the color

Hair coloring conditioners are temporary, and the color will gradually fade with each wash. To maintain the color, you can use the hair coloring conditioner regularly or as needed.

Remember, the longevity of the color will vary depending on your hair type. Also, take note of your specific product used and how often you wash your hair. 

Embrace Your Purple Mane

Having purple hair is not just about physical transformation; it’s also an opportunity for self-expression and embracing your individuality.

Transform your hair with purple hues and let it reflect your vibrant personality. Remember, it’s not just about the color but about the confidence it brings.