Aida Djapo: A Vintage Girl Living In A Modern World

Aida Djapo, known as Idda van Munster, is a charismatic girl with a porcelain face that is in love with the golden era of Hollywood. 24-year-old blogger from Bosnia is obsessed with vintage clothes, pin-up makeup and everything related to the period from 20’s to 60’s.

“Vintage style is my way of expressing my feelings and character. It makes me feel full, sweet and sexy and gives me the confidence for which I longed for a long time “- says Djapo, who a few years attracts fans with her blog Idda van Munster.

Her artistic name “Idda van Munster” comes from her favorite childhood series “The Munsters.” Aida = Idda and van Munster originates from the character “Marilyn Munster” . Aida wanted to look like her.

Aida draws her inspiration from movies, music, fashion and ladies like Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner, Ginger Rogers, Dorothy Horan and Suzi Parker.
“From when I remember about myself I did not want to dress the same way as others. I was always a rebel “- explains Djapo, who last year was named the most beautiful woman in the world according to ” Beautiful Women “.

Briefly you can travel to the past and fall in love with the stunning style of this beautiful girl through her ​​most remarkable photographs.