Casual Christmas Party Outfits That Look So Stylish

Do you need inspiration for Casual Christmas Party Outfits? Today I have stylish ideas and great tips to share with you guys. Christmas is the time when you want to shine.  If your party is more on the casual side, you are certainly in doubt on what to wear. If heels and dresses are not the dress code, then what should you pick? I have some nice ideas to share with you my ladies. So, let’s get started!

1.Midi skirt and beaded cardigan

There is one winter piece that is a huge game changer: a cardigan decorated with beads. It can instantly add the glam note to any outfit you put up.

2. White sweater and a statement necklace

If you want to give a chic note to your basic sweater, layer with a shirt. Add a sparkly statement necklace and your outfit is complete.

3. Brown A-line skirt with same tone tights

A casual skirt will complete your Christmas outfit. Pair with tights of the same tone for a cohesive look.

4. Dark skinny jeans and plaid shirt

If you want a simple look with a Christmas vibe, this one is for you. Remember that dark skinny jeans will always add a dressy vibe to any outfit.

5.Black and red plaid skirt plus a white sweater

6.Red turtleneck sweater and plaid skirt

7.Plaid blouse with a statement necklace

8.Textured cardigan and a skirt

Don’t forget that mixing textures can be your best friend. I love how the plaid skirt is paired with the cardigan. It completes one stylish and warm outfit.

9. Green shirt and brown textured skirt

10. Red turtleneck sweater and a plaid scarf

11. Basic grey dress and plaid scarf

Around Christmas everything is about warm sweaters, thick tights, chunky scarfs, and plaid patterns. Feel free to copy the outfits that I suggested you. I will wear these not only for a Christmas party, but also for the days around Christmas. I think that they are perfect stylish day outfits.