Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding

Choosing flowers for your wedding is one of the most challenging decisions of the planning process. Like everything on your special day, you want them to be perfect; complementing the theme as well as the colour scheme to wow each guest. This high-pressure decision can become overwhelming, which is why we’ve compiled a guide on how to should select the perfect flowers for your wedding.

Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding


The first thing to discuss before getting into the details of colour and theme, is budget. Your budget is going to have a drastic effect on the flowers that you can buy, including size, design, quantity and flower selection. There are various estimations of how much the total cost of wedding flowers comes to, with most hovering between £1000 and £1800 for a professional florist service but it really depends on the size of your wedding.

This figure might seem quite large, begging the question – “Could I do it cheaper myself?” and the answer to that is probably not. The time and effort required to put together dozens of uniform bouquets are stressful and tiring, combining this with the countless additional supplies and the cost of the flowers themselves and you’ll be looking at the same or more expense, just with a lot of hard work on top.

With budgeting addressed, we can get to the nitty-gritty.


Selecting the Flowers

The hard part of the decision, of course, is selecting the flowers that you would like. It would be impossible to go through every single potential colour scheme, theme, size and venue option, so instead we’ll look at the separate aspects to consider when making your decision. If you want to skip the theory and go straight to looking at flowers, you can visit this website to check the options.


When making the decision of what flowers to include on your wedding tables, features or clothing, size becomes a very difficult point to address. How big are most wedding bouquets? How big do I want mine? How much space should they take up? All of these questions have no definitive answer, instead, we suggest thinking in terms of budget.

Observe your budget, the pricing system of your florist and then work from there. Similarly, consider buying a single bouquet to test the size, or contact the florist themselves for more advice; most of them will have dealt with wedding parties many times and understand the dilemmas you’re going through.

A rule to follow though – don’t be afraid of small bouquets or table decorations. Small sets of flowers can seem quaint and elegant, as opposed to extremely large bouquets that can be obtuse and cumbersome.

Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding

Venue and Theme

Consider what flowers will be appropriate for your venue and theme. Church weddings tend to welcome classic flower colours with lots of white to symbolise purity. On the other hand, a natural wedding theme hosted in the Scottish Highlands might work a lot better with a string-bound bundle of wildflowers from the region. Again, your florist will likely have a great idea of what flowers will work with your venue and theme.

Seasonal vs Non-Seasonal

Seasonal flowers are almost always a better choice that non-seasonal ones. Firstly, flowers that are in season are usually cheaper and in full bloom and secondly, they will appear more appropriate on the day. Local flowers are a great touch but not always necessary.

Colour Schemes

Finally, colour schemes. There are countless colour schemes that will impact your wedding flowers of choice. Whether you’re opting for classic whites and pale pinks, dark purples or sea turquoise, there is bound to be an appropriate flower. It’s recommended to learn a little colour theory and use the colour wheel to find colours that work well together. After formulating your colour scheme, you can find appropriate flowers in those colours and discuss in more detail with your florist.

Now that you’ve got some top tips, you can do some more research and find the perfect flower combination for your special day.