Coordinating Styles on Your Wedding Day

Gone are the days when all a groom had to worry about was buying a classic wedding suit and making a decision on the color of his tie or cummerband. These days, the range for men’s wedding fashion is wider than ever, with everything from Chance the Rapper’s full white tuxedo to fashion designer Victor Glemaud’s bright blue pin-striped suit making evident that color, style, and expression, are important on a groom’s Big Day. If you are a groom with a passion for fashion or a bride who wants her groom to shine just as bright, how can you ensure your looks complement each other without being too ‘matchy matchy’?

The Theme, the Feel

The bride and groom may decide on a theme, or just a certain ambiance for their wedding. The attire of both should fit in with this ambiance, taking into account the setting of the wedding and reception. Lingerie fashion mogul Morgan Curtis and her groom Thomas Mahl showed exactly how it’s done, by wearing the same color – a cream hue with just a touch of barely visible pink. The bride’s dress, by Alexander McQueen, featured gorgeous 3D flowers and embroidered vines, as well as a ‘deconstructed corset’ that paid homage to her love of lingerie. Her groom was dressed in a light, fine two-button suit, his camel-hued suede shoes being the only visible departure from the main color of his ensemble. Both outfits matched the surroundings – an outdoor finca in the South of Spain – to perfection, and looked beautiful amidst stunning floral arches, crushed petals, and the stunning outdoor gazebo where they were married.

Every Detail Counts

In addition to coordinating main colors and styles of your outfits, pay attention to smaller details such as your shoes, hair/lapel accessories, and wedding bands. As mentioned above, weddings these days are seen as a way for bride and groom to express their personality and accessories can help you achieve this aim. Instead of opting for a traditional yellow gold wedding band, for instance, look into newer designs with mixed metals or nouvelle materials like wood, marble, and palladium. There are even rings made of deer antler, bearing a plethora of designs and colors. You don’t have to choose the identical band for bride and groom but it certainly makes your hands more Instagrammable if your bands have similar styles – choose different colors if you want to escape excessive uniformity.

Going against the Grain

If the bride is after a very creative look – think blue accessories, a boho chic hairstyle, or airy romantic sleeves, the groom too can make a departure from the usual wedding suit. Trends include foregoing a tie and opting for an Indian collar instead; opting for slim-fit, ankle-length trousers that reveal a bit of skin between trouser and shoe, and jackets in unique materials like colorful velvet or (if it is a beach wedding) linen. For your lapel, replace the traditional rose with something more elegant, like a lily or (why not) a tiny bit of floral embroidery on the groom’s wedding suit.

Organizing your wedding outfit is much more fun – but also more challenging – than it was in decades past. There are a plethora of options in terms of color, cut, and style, so ensure that bride and groom are coordinated by keeping a similar theme running through both outfits. Rather than matching styles too closely, stay in sync through your color, accessory, or ring choices. Think of how both of you will look in your wedding photos. Individuality is always to be embraced, but weddings are about coming together as one. There should therefore be a common je ne sai quoi that may hardly be identifiable, but is definitely strong enough to ensure that bride and groom pair up perfectly well.