Discover The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Wearing A Beaded Dress To Prom

Beaded dresses have become a popular option for a variety of occasions. In fact, they are commonly seen at weddings and other semi-formal gatherings. That’s, and all these prom dresses worth looking at are likely to make you think they are a great idea for your prom. But, before you rush to choose one and buy it, take a moment to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the beaded prom dress.

The Beaded Dress

A beaded dress can be virtually any style or length. It can hug your figure or flow out like a ball gown. But, regardless of the style of the dress, it will be covered in beads. 

This isn’t a new trend, adding beads to dresses has been happening for hundreds of years. Initially, beads were a sign of wealth and influence, only the wealthiest people could have beads on their dresses. 

In modern society the beads are usually fake precious stones, allowing beaded dresses to be mass produced and sold across the globe. That means your beaded dress is now available in a huge array of styles and colours. Whether you want a full-length gown, a little sparkly black number, or a suggestive off-the-shoulder option, you’ll be able to find a beaded option that you can wear to your prom. 

The Advantages Of Beaded Dresses

If you decide to wear a beaded dress to your prom then you can be certain there are several advantages to your decision.

  • You’ll Stand Out

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a beaded dress and the way the beads catch the light is that people won’t help but notice you. That’s a good thing if you like being the centre of attention or want to make an amazing last impression on people. 

A beaded dress can stand out for all the right reasons because it sparkles and looks stunning and so do you.

It’s worth noting that if you feel great you will get a confidence boost which can transform your prom night for you. 

  • All Styles Available

Any dress can be made with beads or have beads added to it. That means that a beaded dress can literally be designed in any style. You’ll find one that suits you regardless of whether you want a ball gown or a more modern style dress.

  • Easy To personalize

Because the beaded dress is made with beads it is surprisingly easy to modify and personalize. That means you can ensure you have a unique dress for the prom, At most school proms this can be harder than you think.


There are a couple of disadvantages you should be aware of:

  • No Place To Hide

Because the beads catch the light and sparkle you will be noticed. It is very difficult to run away and hide when you’re wearing a beaded dress. Of course, if you’ve chosen this type of dress you probably aren’t intending on hiding. 

  • Weight

When you add beads to a dress you’re increasing its weight. That can make it tiring to wear it all evening. You should experiment first with the weight of the dress to ensure you’re happy before you head to your prom.