Don’s Footwear Participates in the London Super Trunk Show 2019

London, UK, April 19, 2019: Exclusive bespoke, semi-bespoke and custom shoemaker, Don’s Footwear, sent its entry to the 2nd edition of the London Super Trunk Show, the finals of which was held at 12 Regent Street, London, on March 23, 2019. This World Championship in Shoe making, Shining and Shoe Patina is the largest open event for classic men’s shoes…

Don’s Footwear Participates in the London Super Trunk Show 2019

The event, hosted by Shoegazing and The Shoe Snob, had over 50 entries from around the world, of which 10 world renowned shoemakers exhibited their shoes at the main event held at London. This year, the criteria for entry was a full brogue oxford model in dark brown, with a single leather sole, hand welted, handmade sole stitched with a mandatory wingtip and medallion. The entries were judged on several aspects, including degree of difficulty, use of complicated construction methods, execution, finishing and design, and aesthetics.

Competitors could enter both as a company and as an individual. Allan Donnelly, the founder and owner of Don’s Footwear, had read about the competition in 2018, but had decided to not to register for it, which he later regretted.

“After I decided not to proceed, I went through the disappointment of missing out on a fantastic opportunity. In 2018, over 45 shoemakers submitted their Black Oxford entries, out of which 10 finalists were shortlisted. The top 3 shoemakers received a cash prize and then toured the world of high-end shoe shops and tailoring stores. That’s when I decided to register for the competition this year,” Donnelly commented.

The event attracts shoe-lovers from around the world, who get an opportunity to see, test and buy beautiful shoe samples and exhibits from the world’s top men’s classic footwear makers. It is also a chance for bespoke shoemakers and professionals in the industry, as well as other people, to interact with each other and form fruitful collaborations.

In 2019, the footfall at the event crossed the 1,000 mark, a significant increase from the 800 attendees in the 2018 event in London and 900 in the Swedish edition the year before that. About 90 pairs of shoes and shoe-care products were sold at the event, all at a value of about €43,000 or £37,000, which is likely to increase in the future, since plenty of people who tested the shoes at the event will be placing their orders in the coming weeks.

The show gathered a lot of media frenzy and social media following. Both stages of the event, the shoe shining and shoe patina contests, were live streamed on Instagram and the blog of the organizing brand,

The successful event is a one-of-a-kind shoemaking competition in the world. Don’s Footwear, a world-renowned destination for custom-made elevator shoes and Cuban-heel boots, feels proud to be associated with it.

About Don’s Footwear: Alan Donnelly established Don’s Footwear in New York, USA, in 2009. He was introduced to the concept of elevator shoes in 1997. Since then, he has been inspired to create original elevator shoe designs, using the highest quality materials. Today, the brand offers almost 160 different styles of elevator shoes, bespoke regular shoes, Cuban heel boots, and custom golf shoes, which are all hand-welted and available at competitive prices. The shoes are not only stylish and durable, but ergonomically designed to give the perfect fit to each customer.