How to Dress to Impress This Winter

With the joy of the cooler breezes comes the excitement of assembling warm styles without looking bulky. But it can sometimes be tricky to dress to impress in layers of clothing that hide your figure. Here are 5 easy tips to make your winter worthwhile – well, at least in a fashion sense!


Layering is always on-trend in winter; it’s a practical way to look stylish when it’s really cold outside. But layering can make or break your appearance, so it is important to execute it correctly! The most serious mistake when layering is choosing two very bulky pieces. Ideally, you want to balance the composition – try pairing a heavier piece with a lighter garment. It is also important to coordinate similar coloured pieces or patterns. Clothing items that clash can destroy an outfit, so think carefully about your layering this winter!  


Winter is the perfect season to accessories, the cold weather opens the door for a range of cute scarves, hats, mittens etc. It is difficult to go wrong with these sorts of accessories, especially if you stick to more neutral colours like dark burgundy, cream or brown. For the more adventurous, colourful printed designs are really on trend this winter – as long as it goes with your outfit! You can even take accessories a step further and pair winter hats with large gold hooped earrings. Gold is great for winter, as it always looks best when paired with winter colours.

Oversized Hoodies

You will be relieved to know that oversized hoodies are back with a bang this winter. They are snug, low maintenance and pair well with lighter items – such as skinny jeans! They were also heavily featured on the ‘street style look’ catwalks this year, making them a must have item. Simply pair some black leggings or light blue skinny jeans with your choice of hoodie and you are good to go!

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans will be your best friend throughout winter; they are sturdy, practical and look great with most winter boots. They are sometimes neglected throughout summer, so the winter season is the perfect opportunity to fall in love with skinny jeans again. Make sure you stock up on skinny jeans in all washes for this winter!

Embrace Faux Fur

Winter is the only real season where it is acceptable to wear faux fur, so you might as well have fun with it! You can literally wear faux fur with just about any outfit – giving it an instant upgrade. Invest in a statement piece, like a faux fur winter coat or gilet. Even as an accessory, like mittens or collars, faux fur will liven up your winter outfits.