How to Style Your Denim Skirt for Summer

Denim is a timeless material that has revolutionized the fashion world for decades. The global denim market is worth $21 billion in 2021, with rapid growth numbers expected.

Denim skirts are a chic, eye-catching look. It can work in practically any scenario, making it one of the most versatile outfits in your wardrobe. If you’re readying your summer wardrobe, it’s time to keep these cute ways to wear a jean skirt outfit in your arsenal.

  1. Button Down Skirt with a Plain T-Shirt

Button downs are at the height of fashion. While they may seem like a small addition, the buttons add extra details that make a world of difference to how you look.

Look to add a plain t-shirt to really highlight that skirt. You could even opt for the half-tucked look to stay hot and cool all at the same time.

  1. Black Denim Skirt with Monochromatic Look

Not everyone wants the classic blue wash skirt. The beauty of the denim skirt is it can come in practically all the colors of the rainbow.

One of the hottest looks available now is the monochrome look. Opting for a black top and bottom will help you stand out in the crowd. Pair your monochromatic outfit with ankle-length or knee-high boots to complete the look.

  1. Crop Top and White Denim

Crop tops have remained a stylish choice for years. White jeans, white shorts, and the white denim skirt go together wonderfully. Style it with a crop top or an off-shoulder top for those scorching summer days.

This outfit also goes well with accessories, including a cutting-edge designer pair of sunglasses. The best part is white goes with practically any other color.

  1. V-Cut Skirt with Blazer

Want an outfit that’s going to attract everybody’s attention?

Try the V-cut skirt for a look that’s all fire. Choose a plunging V-neck t-shirt or tank top to highlight all your best qualities. If you’re really looking to light up a room, consider adding a silver or gold sequined top.

Pair everything with platform shoes and a body bag to round off a sexy, dramatic outfit.

  1. Long Denim Skirt and Cashmere

Not all denim skirts need to show off a lot of leg. The long denim skirt goes perfectly during the summer and even into fall. Wear it with a cashmere sweater in blood red, with matching shoes. If you’re willing to go all the way, try putting your hair into a high bun.

What comes to mind with an outfit like this? Strong, stylish, and devastatingly confident.

  1. Denim Skirt with Embroidered Shirt and Belt Combo

Denim skirts are robust and designed to emphasize more masculine qualities. Yet the versatility of denim is not in its masculine qualities but in how its feminine attributes can be emphasized with the right pairing.

Add a soft cotton embroidered shirt with a sandwich belt. Try to make them match for that extra oomph.

This is an outfit that goes well with the gladiator sandal style.

  1. Denim Skirt with Overcoat and Combat Boots

Bring out your inner badass with the denim skirt look that’s taking the fashion world by storm. Combining it with a monochromatic look is an easy way to add drama to your denim skirt.

The black overcoat and combat boots may not always be the best outfit for the hottest days, but you can bring out the drama from your skirt when the temperature cools.

  1. Long Denim Skirt with Center Slit

The denim skirt has come a long way, with various looks arising from the most successful clothing material in modern history. Match some of the latest trends with a skirt that comes with a center slit.

It’s this season’s hottest look, so if you’re looking to go mainstream, this is the way to do it. Consider adding an oversized sweater if you want to temper that mainstream look with something off the cuff.

Alternatively, you can doll this look up with a choker and by putting your hair up into a half-bun.

  1. Double-Shaded Denim Skirt

Some girls are averse to wearing denim skirts because they believe it makes them seem too much like everybody else. It’s understandable. Fashion staples can and do get stale sometimes.

There’s so much variety in a cute denim skirt. Try this double-shaded denim skirt for a clothing option that’s far from typical. It’s an image that looks fantastic whether you’re out to lunch with friends or on a coffee date with your latest Tinder catch.

Pair this skirt with a lace-up top and some black flats.

  1. Knee Length Chambray Flared Skirt

Chambray has been around for a long time, but it’s only recently that someone has tried pairing it with shoes. If you’re looking for something that offers a little less leg, this knee-length option works perfectly with a racerback tank top tucked into the front.

It’s also an excellent option for a more casual look. So feel free to wear it with your best sneakers or converse.

  1. Denim Skirt with Leggings

Skirts and leggings have gone together for a long time. It works whatever the weather, so if you’re unlucky enough to be stuck on a rainy summer’s day, combining your denim skirt with a pair of leggings will still make you shine even on the dullest of days.

Any color works with a denim skirt, but we recommend the old classics of black or white. Stop the show with some knee-high boots and a denim jacket.

You can even jazz things up by departing from the blue wash color and opting for a more colorful wash. Just try to avoid too many dark colors, as these tend to add too much contrast to your lower half.


The denim skirt is a clothing choice every gal should have sitting in their wardrobe. It’s a staple that can work whatever the weather. Since it goes with so much, you can wear it anytime you want with practically anything.

Weave it into your own clothing choices and forge your own style. This summer, you’re sure to be the center of attention.