Easy Ways to Expand Your Cosmetics Arsenal

There is no shortage of high-quality cosmetics from the top brands these days, but a shortage in our funds will definitely make its presence known, if we were to start buying every cosmetic product that we like! So, are there any easy ways to expand your collection that doesn’t involve emptying your bank account? Well, as it happens, there are actually a few clever tricks that will help you get there.


There is no cheaper way to get an expensive cosmetic into your collection than to get it for free, of course, and Just Freebies is an awesome place to find company giveaways from the likes of L’Oreal, Kosas, MAC, Revlon and a whole range of other top of the line manufacturers. Just check out their updated makeup freebies page right now and you will instantly be taken by surprise to see that mascaras, lip colors, eyebrow pencils, and various other makeup items are being given away for free on Just Freebies!

Wait for Sales

This is a time-tested method that has not lost its charm or efficiency even in the world of e-commerce. If anything, e-commerce has given sellers the ability to hold sales far more often than before, due to low setup and maintenance costs.

Wishlist your favorite products and wait for that notification in your inbox that says something along the lines of “X cosmetic items on your wishlist are now on sale!”

If you are shopping offline, they will also start sending you texts and emails just before a big sale hits. Although, you probably won’t be able to wishlist your favorite cosmetics like you can on e-commerce websites, in addition to the fact that there will be a physical crowd to compete with.

Buy in Small Portions: It will Go Bad Anyway

A point to remember is that irrespective of how expensive your makeup is, after a while, it is not usable anymore. Throw away any and all cosmetics within six months to eight months, if you cannot use them up by then. In case you decide not to, then rest assured that an eye infection or a skin infection is just around the corner.

The expiry date doesn’t matter anymore because once you open a cosmetic product, it comes into contact with air and human skin; both of which are rife with germs. After a few months, they will have bred to a degree in your makeup box to cause severe infections.

In light of all this, it is just so much better to stick with the smallest pack, bottle or box you can find your cosmetics in. They cost less and you will never have to go through the pain of throwing away something so expensive! In fact, you may even get tiny samples for free at times on Just Freebies, essentially removing the need to spend money on them altogether.

Go Shopping as a Group

As the final tip on this list, we would advise you to contact some friends and relatives, so that all of you can buy in a bunch. The more you buy, the higher the discount is on cosmetics, so take advantage of that and shop as a group.

If you manage to gather a group that’s large enough, it is quite possible that you may actually get your favorite lipsticks, mascaras, foundations and more at wholesale prices!

As already mentioned, makeup collecting is a tricky business since they are only good for a limited number of days. However, the tools of the trade, aka the brushes and the curlers do not waste away so easily. You can potentially end up not spending a dime, or just a fraction of their full price while building your collection of the tools, by simply applying some of the tricks we just discussed!