Essential Skincare Routine for a 20-Something With Oily Skin

Skin that’s finally past the pimple-plagued teen years but stays oily can be a challenge when trying to plan a beauty regimen. While many women still get some blemishes into the next decade, the big concern is no longer wiping out – or covering over – a complexion of spots. Instead, a great skincare routine can do wonders for oil-prone skin that isn’t ready for the anti-wrinkle cream products yet but needs to take care of excess oil.

Inside Out, and Outside In

There are lots of ways to help your skin look its best. Getting enough sleep and eating right are two ways you can work towards healthy looking skin. But for best results, you need to develop a skincare routine that takes into consideration your specific needs. Oily skin is different than other skin types, and its important to give it the care it requires.


Grown-up skin needs a grown up cleanser. Leave behind the harsh teenage scrubs and look for a gentle cleanser that will refresh your face and be kind enough for morning and evening use. Oily skin needs a cleanser that will remove impurities and buildup without drying it out completely. Try rinsing with cold water after cleansing to encourage your pores to close up.


A toner is an essential component of great skin care for oily skin. It is one of the best ways to make sure that your skin recovers after a cleanse. It can help to re-balance the face’s PH levels, as well as smooth out the skin’s texture. It will also make sure that any remaining impurities are swept away, leaving fresh clean skin.

Use Serum

Unexpectedly, serum can actually help your skin limit excess sebum production.  For oil-prone skin, look for one that has been formulated specially to target unclogging and minimizing pores while keeping the skin clear. Seek out a mattifying formula to control shine and even out the skin.


Don’t be afraid of moisturizers. Even oily skin needs hydration because dry skin can promote even more oil production. Do look for a moisturizer that is oil-free, absorbs well, dries quickly, and feels featherlight on the skin. A good matte moisturizer can be an great base for makeup. And if you’re concerned about the look of your complexion, you can get a moisturizer that refines large pores and even targets excess oils.

Apply Sunscreen

There is no way around it – for healthy skin, sunscreen is a must. Plus, protection against harmful UV rays can help prevent the look of premature skin aging. You want to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that goes on light and matte so it won’t weigh down your skin. Even better, you can find moisturizers that already have sunscreen in them and so will defend against sun damage, pollution, and even free radicals, meaning only one application. Sunscreen is a must for all skin types, so experiment until you find the right sun protection for you.


Eye Cream

By the time you’re in your 20s, you’ll understand why eye cream is such a good idea. The sensitive skin around the eyes is one of the first places that fatigue, stress, aging, and skin damage shows up. Eye cream is created especially for the delicate area around your eyes to help protect and rejuvenate the eye area.


Before you put on your make up, make sure you finish your preparations with a primer. Primers help smooth out the texture, and can come imbued with all sorts of nourishment for your skin. Mineral primers are especially good at delivering a flawless finish with natural sun protection, can come with antioxidants that gobble up free-radicals, and end with a velvety, matte finish. Many primers are so good, they can let you skip applying foundation altogether.

You’ve grown out of your teenage years, and your beauty routine needs to grow along with you. Even so, some skins remain oily, and you need all the best products in your makeup bag to help keep your look clean and clear for years to come.