Everything You Need to Know About Bespoke Clothing In New York City

Everything You Need to Know About Bespoke Clothing In New York City

Bespoke clothing is not only a trend, but it is also a necessity for those who want to look their best. Especially if we are talking about people living in New York City, which is a great place for diversity and showing your own personality through clothing. Unlike off the rack clothing, which was created for the majority, bespoke clothing allows people to express not only their taste in fashion but also their character. If you want to find out more about the process and how you can get to be noticed in a crowd, stick around! This article will teach you everything you need to know about getting bespoke clothing in New York City.

What is bespoke clothing?

Bespoke is the exact opposite of off the rack. While the latter represents an object created for the masses, bespoke speaks to a person’s personality, as is created especially for him/her. The word originates from the verb meaning ”to speak for something”, which in time became an adjective related to custom-made suits and shoes. Nowadays, the term is way more general and applies to creative fields such as furniture, jewelry and, of course, clothing.

When the idea of bespoke clothing first appeared, it was associated with royalty, nobility and mainly rich people. This is because, at the time, the majority did not afford to go near bespoke clothing. Anyway, in time, the situation changed, more and more designers emerged and gave people the opportunity to resort to bespoke clothing.

The process of getting fit 

This is pretty much synonymous with the idea of bespoke clothing. If in the case of off the rack suits, one just picks up an already sewn piece of clothing, made to fit the majority, bespoke suits are made from scratch. The amazing process begins with getting fit, as the designer needs your measurements in order to be able to proceed.

When we speak about getting fit, there are three options one can resort to: being measured by a professional tailor, taking the measurements of a suit you own or measuring yourself. Skilled designers will want to get the measurements themselves, as every inch matters. Doing it yourself takes more time because you do not have any experience and also involves a second person, who must help you do it. You can read more on the matter in this article.

Getting fit by a professional will be faster and more precise. What you should know about the fitting process is that it takes more than one round. You have one at the very beginning, but then you have to come back to get a second one, which is called a scrap fitting. This serves as the first test when your piece of clothing is made out of cheap fabric. This is because at this stage any modification is possible and no one would like to ruin good quality material for that.

The next round of fitting is called the basted fitting and usually takes place a few weeks after the scrap fitting. Being sewn by hand, your costume will not appear finished and you will be able to ask for more adjustments.

The last fitting before the delivery takes place is called the forward fitting. Because the piece of clothing is almost entirely created by now, there will be room only for minor adjustments.  

Everything You Need to Know About Bespoke Clothing In New York City

How to find the best designers in New York City

If you want to stand out from the crowd and enjoy clothing made especially for you, there are some ways of doing it. One idea would be to turn to your friends and family. Approach those who have a unique style and do not usually buy off the rack clothing. They would most definitely love to introduce you to their tailor and help you create the clothes you always wanted. Do you have friends who are into design? Even better! Then, they definitely know their way around, have other friends in the field or are thinking of pursuing that career themselves. In this way, you would not only help yourself look and feel amazing, but also help your friends get noticed as designers.

Another way of doing it would be online. These days, anything is one click away. Just type in bespoke clothing New York and the internet will give you what you want. Go on Social Media, go through all the reviews available for that business, read about their process and see if it fits you. One of the sites that will catch your attention is thetailorynyc.com. Give it a read!

Is the investment worth it? 

A lot of people are reluctant about bespoken clothing because they believe the investment isn’t worth it. It’s true, a bespoken suit will cost way more than an off the rack one, but you have to consider all the work, the customization process and the final result.

Would you rather pay less to buy a suit that you can wear only a couple of times or pay more for a product that will be with you for years? And it’s not any product, it’s one designed especially for your needs – both physical and aesthetic. It’s one that brings you both comfort and visibility. With bespoke clothing, you will not only make everybody admire your style, but you will also feel more comfortable and confident about yourself. And it will all last for years and years because these clothes are made from the best materials, meant to pass the test of time.