Fall Footwear: A Sneak Peek on What to Put on Your Feet

Yes, we know that summer’s barely begun, but that’s no reason not to give you a sneak peek at autumn fashion 2017 style. If you want to know a little more than your friends about what’s walking down the runways right now, read on. We’ve been holding our collective breath, too. Now we can tell you what to expect in fall fashion.

Drum roll, please

Short boots with cuffs. Everyone’s wearing them or will be this fall. If you’re one of the elite forward thinking fashionistas who’s always on the lookout for the newest trend, understand that ankle boots with cuffs can be your very best friend, advise style mavens at Who What Wear fashion magazine.


Find a pair or three of autumn shortie boots with slightly odd heels, and you’ll be stepping in style come fall 2017. Show up in a snappy pair of ankle boots with offbeat cone heels, and you’ll be miles ahead of the fashion pack. Although minor in scope, it seems that slightly strange heel forms may be de rigueur when October rolls around. Comprising the perfect blend of stiletto and block heel, cone heels are unexpected and surprisingly comfortable to wear. The striking heel will turn heads of people who notice the details of fabulously fashion-forward garb.


Summery winter boots to know about

Certain segments of society are lauding the summer of 2017 as the 50th anniversary of the now legendary and highly misunderstood Summer of Love. We’ll forego the politics of that era and explain how taking a backward glance may facilitate a big stride forward into the fashion future of the winter of 2017. Think go-go boots. Ask your mom, or ask your grandmother to tell you about the calf-high boots that were oh-so- groovy half a century ago. The coolest go-go boots were typically white with a stacked black heel. Today, 21st-century designers are offering a tip of the chapeau to Sixties style with ultra-chic white boots that rise just above the ankle. Add a cone heel as Derek Lam did on runways recently, and you’ve got a win-win, go-to style in which you can do the boogaloo all the way to New Year’s Eve and beyond.


Harper’s Bazaar predicts a trend toward super-shiny garments this autumn and winter. Expect to get your glitter on with rhinestone-studded skinny jeans, metallic boot socks, and sparkling ballerina slippers. Sky-high stiletto boots that rise narrowly up and over kneecaps may be seen on celebrities as summer 2017 winds down. Now that you’re in on today’s runway secret, you can beat the crowds and possibly reduce shipping times by ordering your autumn boot socks from BCS Boutique today.


Of course, nobody is telling you to conform to style trends set on runways. Experiment with fashion, because it can be a grand adventure. Soon enough, you’ll pull together a sense of style that is uniquely your own. Don’t be afraid to switch things up now and then. That’s wherein one finds the proverbial spice of life.