Finding Your Perfect Prom Dress Online

The end of the last year of high school is fast approaching, it’s getting warmer…and what can that mean except prom? This huge social event gives young people a chance to have fun with friends, travel around in fancy cars and – most importantly to some – dress up. Our tips on finding the perfect prom dress online are a good start.

Set a Budget

Online stores will offer sales and discounts, which can seem great initially, but you will no longer be able to tell the difference after you’ve spent a few hours browsing them. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, set a budget in advance. This will help eliminate pricey contenders.

Research Trends

Classic or modern? Regal and flowy or curve-hugging? There are countless trends and designs, from embroidery and lace to sequins and beading. To narrow down your selection, search out stores or styles you like.

Know that classic styles are timeless. The fact that prom dresses are unique and diverse can be used to your advantage. Simple, minimally decorated, one-tone dresses reaching down to the floor are a classic, lending one an air of sophistication and elegance. If you had something more contemporary in mind, you could go for a lace dress that blends materials like mesh and hugs the frame.

Flutter and cap sleeves are in style this year, and off-the-shoulder sleeves have never gone out of style. Captivating and fresh rhinestone beads and sequin embellishments are taking prom fashion by storm.

Spot Counterfeit Dresses

An authorized seller provides their customers with beautiful designer styles, while a counterfeit site will provide a cheap imitation after luring them in with advertisements of gorgeous gowns. Avoid the frustration, stress, and financial losses by making sure you check online dress sites. Authentic dresses are always sold by authorized retailers, so it’s crucial to do research before buying. Check for contact information, licensing data, and a physical address in the “Contact” section of the site.

Choose the Right Style for Your Body Type

If you don’t know your exact measurements or they’ve changed recently (ex. you lost weight for the prom), check online size charts. Girls looking to tone down the hips or attract attention to the waist should go for ball gown or A-line shapes. A backless or high-slit design is an excellent way to draw looks to your curves.

Petite and slender girls should choose long gowns that create an illusion of height. Wear gold, silver, and other shimmery colors that add volume. Bold patterns also look great on this body type.

Short cocktail dresses are a riveting way to enhance an hourglass shape. Mermaid gowns are not only in style right now, but also the perfect choice for hourglass bodies.

A strapless or halter design is best for those looking to balance their frame or show off their shoulders.

The Right Hairstyle for Your Face

Almost every style will complement an oval face. The best hairstyles to complement a heart-shaped face (wider top half of the face and small chin) are mid-length curls. Long, flowing waves will form a frame around the face.

Choose medium length waves or an up-do if you have a round, full-cheeked face.

Best Colors for Your Skin Tone

Ivory and shimmery gold dresses look fabulous on darker, red- or golden-toned skin, as do red, orange, and yellow shades.

Fair-skinned girls should opt for shades with light blue and pink undertones, bright pastels, and ruby or sapphire tones.

Pale skin is embellished by classic shades or black and white as well as blues and greens. Subtle colors like violet and silver also pair well with this skin shade.

Soft pastels augment medium skin with peach or pink undertones. Opt for outfits with plum, periwinkle, or lavender tones.

Peachy, earthy skin is best-complemented by bold patterned prints. Metallic gold will bring your inner glow out. Green and red shades will work beautifully.

Utilize Discount Shopping Sites and Coupons

It pays off to invest some time in searching for discount shopping sites. Now and then, retailers offer coupons that can be redeemed for the dazzling gown of your choice. Among other retailers, TheDressWarehouse offers one of the biggest online collections of prom dresses at major discounts. The price reductions have nothing to do with the outfits themselves, which are all of designer quality. Extra dresses are marked down due to overstocking.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Start looking for your prom dress around two months in advance and plan to buy it four to six weeks before the prom. Like any formal outfit, your prom dress will need some adjusting to ensure the best fit, so it’s wise to set sufficient time aside for making changes.

If you aren’t able to buy a prom dress within this time frame despite your efforts, look for a ready-made dress that you’d want to make a dazzling impression in on your special night. The dress doesn’t have to be fancy for you to achieve this effect. There will always be at least one dress you’ll find appealing.

The Best Dress for Your Memorable Event

Always look for online retailers who offer a wide selection of attire for official occasions with a vast array of prom dresses. Ideally, you’d be able to grab a trendy, dazzling dress at a discount. A woman with exquisite taste who wants to wear a designer dress doesn’t necessarily have to pay a high price.

The dress you opt for will be elegant and exquisite, charmingly embellished, and designed to draw attention to your best physical features and embrace what you perceive as weaknesses. As you’ve seen, there are different colors and designs to accentuate various body types.  

When you shop for your perfect prom dress online, have the retailer verify availability and ask them when they can ship out if this information is not explicitly provided on the website.

TheDressWarehouse is the ultimate online retailer featuring a very impressive selection of top-quality prom gowns and dresses. This is the only online store to provide such a service in one single place. A piece from their collections could be the answer to your prayers for a striking outfit to wear at this special occasion.

Author Bio: Jonah Levine is the Creative Director of was launched in 2018 as the go-to online source for amazing prom dresses on sale. With 10 years experience in the industry, Jonah works daily to scour the evening wear markets to find the hottest styles and to negotiate the best prices for special occasion wear on the internet.