From Girly to Glamorous: 15 Pretty Pink Nail Designs

I know most of you have heard the saying “pretty in pink.” Well, today we will give it a whole new meaning. As in, get your pink nails!

When it comes to pink manicures, a lot of women think that pink is a girly color. In fact, however, pink can be feminine, sexy, sensual, glamorous, and yes, girly, all at the same time. It all depends on the shade of pink you choose and on the style you go for. That being said, let’s get started.

  1. Pink and Gray Ombre

I always want to start with something classic and elegant. In the case of pink nails, that’s ombre. We know gray is the classic color, so it works as the perfect opposite to pink.

  1. Pink with Black Spatter Lines
From Girly to Glamorous: 15 Pretty Pink Nail Designs

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Yes, we all know that pink is a girly color. And if you needed any more proof that pink nails are girly, here you have it. The classic teenage girl manicure, but you can pull it off at an older age as well if you like.

  1. Pink and Gold Mirror Coffin Nails with Rhinestones

Speaking of style, coffin nails are a great example of how you can make a pink manicure feminine. Add in some gold and rhinestone accessories, and you have yourself a feminine and sharp manicure. It does look sexy, doesn’t it?

4. Dark Pink with Black and Silver Design

From Girly to Glamorous: 15 Pretty Pink Nail Designs

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You know it’s a girly manicure when you see lots of patterns, lines, and everything else in between. I love it, to be honest. But I’m not sure how suitable it is for women in their 30s, though.

  1. Pink Marine Stiletto Nails

We go back to different styles, and this time, we have stiletto nails, which are probably the sexiest nails. The pink and marine colors are the opposite of that sexy, racy look. The perfect balance, one can say.

  1. Two-Tone Pink Nails

The best part about pink is that there are lots of different tones and shades. And that allows you to do a two-tone manicure. I suggest you go dark and light, just as in this example.

  1. Pink with White Accent Nails and Flowers

If you want a romantic, sensual manicure, this is probably one of the closest options you’ll get with pink. The trees not only bring a sense of tranquility, but also a romantic aspect to your manicure. Not many pink designs can do that.

  1. Pink Ombre with Shangri-La Stamps

Some women love to experiment with patterns and designs. And there’s nothing wrong in that. In fact, I encourage experimenting. Only by experimenting can you get a good design like this one.

  1. Light Pink with White, Black and Silver Dots

Dots are kind of like the baby version of a pink manicure. Light, romantic, gentle, and very feminine at the same time. Pale pink works best for this manicure.

  1. Pink Gradient Nails
From Girly to Glamorous: 15 Pretty Pink Nail Designs

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I’ve said it several times: there are different shades and tones of pink. And you can get them all on your nails in a gradient fashion. They’ll look stunning, believe me.

  1. Lined Waterfall Nails

Another way to incorporate many pink shades in your nails is the waterfall style. You can even throw in some complementary colors in there, like peach, for example.

  1. Baby Pink with Naked Stripes
From Girly to Glamorous: 15 Pretty Pink Nail Designs

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Baby pink is the most romantic and feminine shade of pink (at least in my opinion!). In this case, we have a perfect example of a feminine manicure made sophisticated. It all comes down to the naked stripes.
13. Pink Dream-Catcher Nails

As I said at the beginning, pink nails are very versatile. While most people think of pink as girly nails, they are so much more. The proof is right here. Just look at the design.

  1. Naked French Pink Mani with Flower Accents

A French manicure is usually white. But that’s just sticking to norms and rules. You can get out of the box and try something different. For example, what about a pink French manicure? Toss in some flowers, and you have stunningly beautiful nails.

  1. Pink Rhinestone and Lace Design

Pink is perfect for lace nails, and you can go either way. For example, you can make the lace white for a more romantic, gentle look. Or you can try black lace for a sexier, racier look. Your choice.