How Fashion Bloggers Can Monetize Their Blogs

If you have a flair for fashion, and a passion for showing it to the world, then starting a fashion blog is just what you need to set everything in motion. A fashion blog is a great place to express your sense of style, connect with other fashion enthusiasts and hopefully, make a couple of dollars while at it.

As you probably know, the internet is full of people looking for new beauty products, beauty tips, fashion trends, hair care information, and so on; and where do they turn to? They turn to fashion blogs – like yours to gain insights. If you don’t have one yet, read this step by step guide for starting a fashion blog to get started.

Although fashion blogging can be something you love doing, it doesn’t have to be purely passion. You can make some money while doing it. In this article, we’ll highlight some ways to monetize your blog to make some income out of it. 

Create useful content

A blog isn’t a blog without content – so once you have one, you should focus on creating useful content. Since you are in fashion, a good idea would be to inform people about the latest trends, safe beauty products, different fashion styles for different seasons, makeup styles – depending on your niche.

When you read and analyse few popular fashion blogs, you’ll realise that they are successful because of one reason: their content is top notch and helpful for their target audience.

The goal is to educate your audience and get them to trust you as the go-to source for reliable information. This is a critical step to earning the trust of your audience – and subsequently, making money from your blog.

Advertising income

Once you have created a following, and have regular traffic to your site, you may want to start selling ads – just like newspapers and magazines. Although you need decent traffic to get ad deals, there are ad networks like Google AdSense that serve as intermediaries and allow smaller publishers to run ads on their blogs – it’s a great place to start. You can easily become an ad creator and start earning money. 

Affiliate income

As stated earlier, many people browse the net for beauty products, fashion styles, hair products and so on. As a professional in the fashion industry, you may create informative content and include affiliate links that direct them to merchants who sell those products.  Affiliate programs are easy to join, and if you have an audience that trusts you, you are sure to make a kill – make sure you recommend them to products you’ve tried.

Sponsored content

In addition to affiliate marketing, you can also allow companies to post content on your platform for some fee. Sponsored content is a form of native advertisement, so, it’s similar to your ordinary blog posts, with the only difference being, you are paid for it. However, be sure not to make the content salesy – today’s readers are wary, and will shun away if they notice you are forcing a product to them. If you decide to post sponsored content, you should maintain your objectivity while describing your experience with the solution.

Sell a product

Now, you don’t just have to refer your audience to other people’s products and services. You can come up with your line of products – whether its hats, eyeglasses, clothes, make up, or shoes. Better yet, you can also decide to sell other products directly from your site.