Do You Want to Know How Diamond Ring Shapes Reflect Your Personality Type?

Many people attach high value to precious stones. You could be one of the people harboring the impression that one diamond ring is as good as the other. That perception is incorrect. Other factors influence the price of this highly treasured jewel.

In case you never knew, the shape of the diamond on your ring can give insight into your personality. If you are proposing to your fiancé, you should consider the shape of the stone. It has to be one that matches her personality.

Are you interested in learning more about these forms? Proceed and read on about some of the standard shapes:


People who wear round diamond rings love the traditional styles. The ring has a unique cut with a sparkle that will awe you with its brilliance. If you wear such a ring, it portrays timeless elegance. You are also a simple person in all respects.


An emerald cut sends out a bold and strong message about the wearer. The shape reflects you as an organized, stable and confident person. You love a glamorous life too.

Cushion cut

The design dates back to the ages of royalties in Europe. Wearing a cushion cut diamond ring shows that you are proud of your past. What you were years ago still influences the person that you are today. Moreover, you are not afraid of embracing your history.

Heart shape

A ring with a jewel in the shape of a heart on your index finger points at a person that is romantic. You take your emotions seriously, and when you love someone, you do so intensely. Engagement and heart shaped diamonds are becoming more and more popular. The shape is an expression of love.


Are your fingers short? What about the hands? Are they small? An oval diamond is a befitting enhancement. The gem makes your fingers and hands appear slender and lean. Concerning personality, you are a bold, innovative and creative woman.


This type of ring appears to have a square shape owing to its four corners. Many love this ring as an engagement choice. It is beautiful and versatile. Are you wearing the princess cut diamond ring? Are you attached to one? If yes, you are flirty, lively and trendy.


You cannot fail to recognize this gem. It has the shape of a football making it easily noticeable. Just like its oval-shaped counterpart, a marquise ring enhances your finger. Moreover, if you have this ring as your favorite, you are the beautiful and outgoing type.


The shape of the stone is almost like that of an emerald. However, an Asscher’s shape is square. These rings were a popular choice in the 1920s. They are back now courtesy of a favorite TV show. With this ring on your finger, you speak of feminine elegance.

By matching a gemstone to your loved one’s personality, you let them know that you recognize and accept them. Your mate will appreciate the fact that you not only bought a ring but one with sentimental value.