Saving In Style: How Promo Codes Can Be A Fashionista’s Best Friend

Living and daily expenses these days just keep skyrocketing. At the same time, our needs and wants can seem endless. Saving takes some effort, but when you’re smart about your purchases, you can buy everything you want and need, especially when it comes to your wardrobe.

One way you can achieve the wardrobe of your dreams without breaking the bank is by using promo codes. Here are some ways how promo codes can be a fashionista’s best friend.

Saving In Style: How Promo Codes Can Be A Fashionistas Best Friend

But First, What Is a Promo Code?

Before you find out how promo codes can be your best shopping buddy, you first need to know what exactly promo codes are. Promo codes usually come in numbers or letters that will allow you to use a promo from a shop or bank. It can be different kinds of promos such as discounts, free shipping, or rewards points.

These promo codes can be found in the websites of different brands or shops. During holidays, anniversaries, or special occasions, there are more promo codes you can find to celebrate these events.

How Can Promo Codes be a Fashionista’s Best Friend?

  • Can Give You Discounts

Most of the time, the promo codes you receive will allow you to get discounts on the item you’ll be buying, especially if you’re shopping online. At times, it’s a percentage discount, while others come in a fixed amount. 

Why buy the shoes you’ve always wanted on a regular price when you can get it for a lower expense? Rothys promo codes, for instance, will give you just that. Now, your money will be able to buy you more shoes if you use a promo code—it’s as easy as that.

There are also times when you can use promo codes on top of sales. When you buy in malls, the discount is usually only the sale price. However, during online sales, you can use promo codes while the price of the item remains on sale. This gives you an even bigger discount.

  • Get an Item as a Gift

There are also other codes that will give you an item for free as long as you meet a minimum expenditure amount. For example, some e-commerce sites selling beauty products often have these. You can buy makeup, and there are promo codes that will give you a free lipstick or tote for every $20 purchase. At times, if you reach a certain minimum amount purchased and enter a promo code, you can get free goodies from the sponsors of the store.

Saving In Style: How Promo Codes Can Be A Fashionistas Best Friend

  • Allow You to Waive Delivery Fees

On the other hand, some promo codes will allow you to save on delivery fees and shipping costs. This can put your pocket at ease, especially if the product you bought is something from another country.

When you ship from abroad, the costs can sometimes amount to a third of the total cost of the item you are buying. With, a promo code to waive shipping costs, you can put this in as part of your savings. 

  • Have Buy 1, Take 1 Promos

With promo codes, you can also take one free item of the same item you bought. You can actually use this to your advantage by sharing the purchases with another friend. You can both get two similar items for the price of just one. That, in effect, gives you a 50% discount on the item you bought. With the money you saved, you can buy more items.


  • Join a Contest

Aside from getting discounts or free items, you can also use promo codes to join contests. There are some e-commerce websites that will instruct you to add a promo code if you want to join a contest. Sometimes, these contests raffle out various apparels. You could even win something from purchasing your next bag or top.

  • Earning Bonus Points

Promo codes can also earn you bonus points from loyalty programs or rewards as part of your online purchases. These bonus points can add up for you to redeem either goodies or cashbacks. This will depend on the loyalty program of the e-commerce website you are buying your items from.

Before you buy another pair of shoes or clothes, make sure to look up available promo codes online. They can be your best friend, most especially if you’re a fashionista on a budget. After reading this article, do yourself a favor and never buy items on regular price ever again. Utilize these promo codes to your advantage and enjoying your shopping spree even more!