How To Choose The Right Skirt For You

When you are not in the mood to wear a dress, a skirt is a perfect way to look your best, while being able to dress an outfit up or down. Read on to learn more about how to choose the best possible skirt, one that will accentuate your figure and have you looking glamorous.

It can be difficult to decide what works best for you, with all of the choices out there and the option to shop at so many places. Pleated, mini, micro mini, bubble, pencil, flip, sarong, a-line, handkerchief, fishtail, peasant, there are just so many to choose from! And what’s more, you can get all of them at a budget price, if you use an Overstock online coupon.

Let’s take a moment to break down which skirt works for each body type. If a woman is short, then she will typically favor skirts that are tapered and straight, with the A-line skirt working best. Avoid stiffer A-lines, as those will only make you appear even shorter.

Women who have the hourglass figure will opt for skirts that call attention to the legs, as opposed to the waist. The longer and fuller the skirt, the better. What about the curvy fashionista, though? A-line skirts are suitable in this case, as well as those with subtle tapering. Avoid any skirts that are tight, with horizontal patterning.

Pencil skirts work best for women who have larger stomachs and wish to camouflage them. Skirts that drape are recommended and steer clear of any material that clings to the skin. You should also avoid sarongs.

If you have a boyish figure, with super skinny legs, you are lucky, as you can pull off essentially any skirt style! Long skirts will help to accentuate longer legs and slim hipped women look best in pleated skirts.

What about women who are bottom heavy or flat bottomed? Bottom heavy women look much better in skirts than pants. Waistbands should be avoided and a tapered knee length skirt is the best choice, provided that the details are vertical and not horizontal. Thick thighs? Loose skirts with soft pleats are good for you as well, so better lose the Lycra blends.

The waist to leg ratio can be difficult to navigate. Short legs, with a long waist? Straight skirts that end above the knee help to make your legs appear longer. Short tops, as well as jackets, also help to complete the look.

Women who have longer legs but a shorter waist should purchase skirts that feature a dropped waist and hug the hips. Pleats and belts that stand out should be avoided, as well as horizontal detailing.

Choosing the correct skirt for your figure can be quite challenging, so be sure to remember about this helpful guide next time you are heading out for shopping!