How To Keep Your Bleached Hair Healthy

Looking for some tips on how to care for your bleached hair? I have some really helpful ones to share with you. Many women  go for the trendy bleached look. But soon, they notice that their hair doesn’t look the same as those Instagram girls with healthy and shiny bleached hair. To be honest, many women don’t know that treated hair requires special care. So, this is why they end up with damaged and dry strands. How to prevent this? I have the answers for you.

Don’t DIY it

With the high prices that hairstylists offer, it is very tempting to do the bleaching at home. But, you should be really careful with this one. You don’t want to mess with chemistry, as this needs to be handled by a professional. You can damage or burn your hair if you try to do it by yourself. It takes lot of knowledge and special products to create the perfect color, so that’s why bleaching costs. It is always better to let your hair in the hands of professionals.

Use hair mask once a week

The bleaching agents are harsh. They will strip away the moisture from your hair, leaving you with dryness. That’s why you need to use a rich moisturizing mask once a week. It will restore the shine and nourish your hair with the proper ingredients.

Don’t wash it too much

When the hair is already dry, you don’t want to worsen the situation. That’s why you are recommended to prolong the hair washing for a day or two. Also, choose a mild shampoo that won’t strip away the natural hair oils.

Air drying

Hot styling tools such as hair dryers, irons, and curlers will dry the vulnerable bleached hair. You are advised to avoid them and find alternative styling products. Use sprays for styling hair without heat.

Use a soft towel

A rough towel can cause additional damage to your hair. You can replace your towel with an old cotton T-shirt. It will absorb the excess water, without damaging your hair.