How to Produce Artistic Fashion Films

Preparing a video for the fashion industry is the trend that has been around for decades now and has become so competitive that producers or make even outsource video editing personnel from home/ abroad to present the best of the constantly evolving fashion scene. The videos created in the fashion industry to help bring a conception to life. Everyone supposes a fashion video to be eye-catching, should have an approach that suits the tastes of different people. Also, present in such a way it explains everything using the least number of words.

Appropriate use of the fashion video is on how to bring different places together, accessories that work and how to get an economic, simple look. It is usually the fashion designers, magazines and retail stores who do make the most use of the fashion videos to showcase the new line, announcing fashion related events, etc.

Some suggestions that can prepare  films for the fashion industry

Make sure that the products being used in the film are not something out of a magic lamp, i.e. the products featured in the film must be accessible to audiences who wish to purchase it after they have watched it or similar products in the movie. It is a must include the designer’s reference, the store’s location and online links of the store.

   Lighting is essential to capture the true aspect of the design. You can not miss the small details that can happen when filming in any dark space. The cameras that must be used here should be of a higher quality as the design not clicked well will not highlight it in a positively thus reducing its acceptance among the audiences.

   Adaptability is another key component. it is important to have at least three different variant looks in a short fashion video that engages interest in the audience. The scenes must reflect randomness that will help audiences remember what they have seen.

Fashion films are a generic term where you can classify them into different sub-genres such as.


  • Experimental fashion films are done if the maker wants to try something new. The greatest face-off that occurs when making films is preparing an alluring film that does not leave the audience’s interests out.
  • Fashion DocumentaryA behind-the-scenes outcome can give the raw feel of the filmmaking along with the help viewers connect to the brand even better.
  • The lookbook is a booklet that displays clothing or products coming up in a particular fashion season. The Lookbook films do work similar to the lookbooks but are media content that produced uniquely depending on the brand /intent.
  • A-Day-in-the-Life documentaries are the most popular type of fashion film in today’s era as en masses accept the lifestyle stance easily. These sort of films do highlight subjects that the target audience may find very interesting as compared to the other films.
  • Narrative fashion films are another way to explore the line of creativity. These films do highlight the theme mashups where the maker tries to mix various trends and themes to bring out the best of the showcased products.


A very important key in the fashion film is the playback track. Music has the power to change the way the target audience accepts the movie. When picking up the track for the film it is essential to look into how well the track will get along with the accouterment. This solely rests upon the cloth you are intending to market with your film.

When selecting music for the film, either you can pay the artist who has prepared it for you or you can license a track from a royalty-free site. While one of them will take time and will be expensive if custom made that although can generate great results, the other option is more economical and you can choose from a wide range tracks available as per your taste.

While making a fashion film it is important to set the footages color right. Color or color palettes can focus more on the clothing and other accessories used in the film

Before filming it is important to make sure that the camera used is correct that will be perfect for the tone you have decided on your film. Most fashion films aim for the accessories used in the film so the camera required must have a high dynamic range and you must do the recording in RAW. Whichever camera you choose (CANON DSLR, ARRI ALEXA or RED SCARLET) bring along an extra set of memory cards as RAW footages use up a lot of space. Prime lenses are amongst the recommended for shooting fashion films as they provide a shallow depth of field and a more clear image.

Finally, coming to selecting models for the film you can consult a modeling agency or run a screen test for models yourself amongst the once you have chosen by yourself.