Picking the best Victorian Steampunk Style Sunglasses for Men

Whether you’re a full on steampunker or just after something to hint at your love of all things Victorian, eye wear is where it’s at. From goggles to monocles, eye classes are both a great accessory to finish off a complete outfit for a special event, or a clever way to give a subtle nod towards your true fashion tastes while working in an environment where appearance wise, things are a little more mainstream.

Sunglasses can bridge this divide pretty easily as they easily double up as both a functional, or essential item, and a stylish outlet for creativity and identity. Forget designer brands that celebrities endorse, authentic looking steampunk sunglasses have a shape, look and design that sets them apart without needing a bank loan to fund them.

Pre-shopping preparation

Still, that doesn’t mean just grabbing the first pair you come across that look remotely suitable. Before shopping take a little time to think about how, where and when you plan to wear the glasses, what kind of budget you can run to, plus any special requests or must haves that could be deal breakers.

To get you started here’s a brief guide to some of the choices, dilemmas and decisions you may come across in your shopping quest for the most stylish steampunk sunglasses around.

The shape: do they have to be round?

The majority of steampunk sunglasses do have lenses which are round, with the odd design around sporting more traditional, oval shaped frames. This is the traditional steampunk look, and interestingly it seems to suit most faces, even those that are rounder and that shape may not be the obvious first choice.

Frames, thin or extended?

Steampunk sunglasses can be pretty plain, basically round lenses and flat frames which sit on your face like regular glasses. However, there are also plenty that have extra detail, like plain or decorated goggle-style edging. This definitely ramps up the level of steampunk appeal for some people, making them a popular choice for meets, conventions and parties, rather than as everyday, office attire. .

Lenses: lots of choice here

Save switching between regular and sunglasses with a steampunk side shield style, or just choose them for style as they are definitely cool. Most steampunk sunglasses come with reflective lenses, but for an extra zap of style there are some with mirrored lenses too. There’s no need to stint on colour either, with bright metallics being as, or perhaps even more popular than the standard black and grey.


For a dressier look go for plain coloured and standard styled arms, or push the style boat out by choosing a pair of sunglasses with arms boasting a quirky or unusual design.

Be stylish and safe

Whatever ‘look’ you go for make sure any steampunk style sunglasses you buy offer full protection against UVA and UVB rays. This is pretty standard but it’s still worth checking.