How To Style Your Vanity

Do you want to know how to style your vanity? We have some nice tips to share with you ladies. And we know that you too hate cluttered surfaces. The vanity is a spot that is cluttered most of the time. But, I know how badly you want yours to look like those stylish vanities that you see on the internet. I will show you some examples and reveal the style tricks behind them. It is really simple to create a well-curated tray, so don’t miss these tips!

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What is the mutual thing between these well-styled vanities? They all have a nice tray as a base. This is the small trick that makes it work. The tray will keep everything neat and organized.

Another great trick for a cohesive look is to stick to a certain color palette. Define the look that you want. It can be white minimalism, elegant black and gold, rose gold with pinky tones, or any other that will suit your style. Your vanity will look the best when you display items within the color scheme that you chose.

On the other hand, you have to be very picky regarding the choice. You can display the items that would look the best. Also, they need to be useful. Reserve a spot for your usual perfume too. Nowadays beauty products pay attention to style when it comes to designing their package.

To make it work, there is one secret trick. Make sure that the bottles are always clean. Dust can gather on them, or you can leave fingerprints after using your favorite lotion. Don’t forget to wipe them once in a while for a perfect look.