Jewelry Buying Guide: What To Be on the Lookout For

Jewelry Buying Guide: What To Be on the Lookout For

Makeup is a personal affair. Anything that goes directly onto your skin has to undergo a level of vetting since if you make a wrong move, you could end up with a health issue in your hands. 

The market is flooded with a lot of products from hundreds of manufacturers, each of them doing their all to get your attention.

With internet access virtually everywhere, the task of checking out products is much easier. You can hop online and browse all the brands, checking their reviews, and making comparisons as well as finding out how they’re made: for the best cosmetic mixers visit

Before making your purchase, however, here are the things to be on the lookout for:

Read Labels and Instructions

Pay close attention to the expiry dates, ingredients used, and also be on the lookout for signs of counterfeits. The ingredients outlined on the products help you to know if they are the right match for you. The absence of company seals is a sign of the product being counterfeit. If you have any doubts about the information you see on the labels, then ask the experts for an explanation.

Check Your Stash First

Jewelry Buying Guide: What To Be on the Lookout For

Most makeup users are hoarders. Before going out to purchase a new set of foundation or mascara, check first if your inventory is low. When you know what you are out of allows you to plan accordingly so that you can get only what you need. Makeup does not expire quickly; what you may have bought a year ago is still usable. 

Your Budget

Jewelry Buying Guide: What To Be on the Lookout For

Big brand makeup does not come cheap. A single MAC lipstick, for example, can set you back about $30. Quality is expensive and you should have that in mind before embarking on shopping. A little online research beforehand can save you money. Makeup shops online have different prices for the same product. Look around and go for the one with the lowest price.

User Reviews

The truth about a product is always hidden in the reviews section. Every major brand has a Facebook page that comes with a review section where people post their experiences. Going through the comments can open your eyes to things you did not know. However, do not believe everything you see; some comments never really reflect the truth at times.

Your Skintone

Jewelry Buying Guide: What To Be on the Lookout For

Makeup is very specific. You do not walk into a store and grab whatever is in front of you. You have to pay close attention to your skin tone. Makeup brands usually make different shades of the same product to cater to as many skin tones as possible. Knowing your skin tone is easy. You can physically try the testers out in stores or ask the experts.

Your Skin Type

Jewelry Buying Guide: What To Be on the Lookout For

Another big deal breaker. There are different types of skin as far as makeup is concerned. Your skin can be normal, dry, oily, or a combination of all three. Every skin type is compatible with a particular range of makeup; mixing them up could have a devastating effect on your skin. Matching your skin to the right products reduces the chances of breakages and rashes. If you are not sure about the type of your skin, then visit your dermatologist, and you will find out.

Do Not Voice Your Insecurities Out Loud

Do you know those things about your skin that give you sleepless nights? Leave them at the door before you walk into a cosmetics shop. The salespeople inside are like hawks; they have targets they have to hit. Voicing out your insecurities out loud will have them recommending things that are bad for you to make a sale. Do not give away too much of yourself to them.

Test Your Makeup

Jewelry Buying Guide: What To Be on the Lookout For

Many makeup stores have testers placed beside every product that you can use to test compatibility physically. It is especially wise to test powders and foundations. You do not need to apply them on your whole face. A little smudge on your palm or a part of the face can do the trick. The aim is to ascertain how they match with your skin tone and complexion.

Do Not Wear Makeup When Going Shopping

Much in the same way that you do not eat when you are about to go out for dinner, do not wear makeup to the beauty shop. Keep it minimal if you have to. Going in all-natural allows you and the people who understand makeup to know what you exactly need. A single look at your natural skin can tell them what you lack and that way, the proper recommendations are made.


Jewelry Buying Guide: What To Be on the Lookout For

The amount of time that the makeup stays put on your skin is essential. You do not want something that will need retouching every five minutes. Counterfeit products usually exhibit this kind of trait. To get the best makeup that holds until your day is over means you will have to be ready to spend more. The benefits are worth it, though.

Bring a Friend

Having some company along as you browse makeup shops is wise. First of all, you will not get tired or bored. Secondly, and most importantly, you will have a second opinion. When shopping for makeup with other people, you get to hear about different perspectives and experiences. They can help you make the best choice. It is also hard for salespeople to mob you when you have company.

When it comes to choice and variety, no other products can beat makeup. Every makeup brand has lots of products that are unique in their way. You will need more than one lifetimes to go through everything on offer. Being able to narrow down the perfect cosmetics for you is the hardest part. It is a continuous process, so do not relent until you find your match.