What You Should Know Before Wedding Dress Shopping

Having to go shopping for ‘The Dress’ will fill many brides-to-be with trepidation but there are some simple tips that will help the whole process become easier.

The first tip is to research what type of wedding dresses and designer dresses the bride will want to wear and look at what some of the leading wedding dress designers are producing for inspiration.

Then it will be time to begin making appointments with a wedding dress boutique and it should be appreciated that most will not be able to deal with the bride and her party who turns up without an appointment at the weekend.

This also means it is easier to get an appointment during the week when a bride will be able to take her time trying on several wedding dresses and designer dresses.

It’s also a good point to appreciate that the bride’s party should not be too big and simply consist of one or two friends, including their bride’s mother.

One reason for this is that with a large party, there will be more opinions being expressed which will simply cause confusion for the bride and they may even dissuade her from buying a dress she truly loves to one she is not quite as keen on.

The wedding dress should suit her

The bride should never lose sight of the fact that the wedding dress should suit her and be something she is looking forward to wearing. This is her wedding and the dress is an important part of it.

While arranging appointments at a wedding dress boutique, the bride-to-be should also prepare for wearing the right underwear.

If it is at all possible, they should be wearing similar underwear to what they plan to wear for the wedding otherwise they should wear a strapless bra and nude pants.

Brides should also appreciate that a sales assistant or boutique owner will be helping them in and out of the wedding dress.

Also, some wedding dress boutiques may also prevent photographs from being taken so it’s wise to ask permission beforehand and avoid running into trouble. Sometimes, this is a requirement by wedding dress designers though some wedding dress shops are quite happy with images being taken.

Brides should also be wary about being pressured into buying wedding dresses and designer dresses – the boutique owner may offer discounts and other incentives for a deposit to be paid. However, the bride should stand firm and remain calm and because they are buying the right dress for the big day.

Be prepared for having the wedding dress altered

Also, brides should be prepared for having the wedding dress altered but they need to be aware this can be an involved process so the dress buying process should begin at least nine months before the wedding to allow alterations to be carried out successfully.

Finally, the bride-to-be should be open minded about the style of wedding dress and while their research may pinpoint a suitable style that suits their body shape they may find a sales assistant recommending a completely different style of wedding dress that is, unexpectedly, ‘The One’.