Leading a Sales Team by Example with Appropriate Business Attire

Formal fashion may not be as important in the world of business as it once was, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still have an important role to play. While other companies might downplay the need for stylish and respectful dress, your company could gain an advantage by sticking to traditional values. On the other hand, merely adhering to worn out antiquated ideals could make your company seem unbearably stilted and out of touch.

An Intuitive Language

In sales, every advantage that’s at your disposal is worth its weight in gold. The clothes we wear represent a means of communications that has held a great significance ever since humans started wearing animal pelts. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we all still respond to the messages that clothing contains. Those that recognize this powerful means of unconscious communication can use it to their advantage. Those who ignore it, lose the ability to control that message that their clothing says.

Leading a Sales Team by Example with Appropriate Business Attire

How Your Clothes Speak to Others

When you’re the manager of a sales team, no one should be able to look at you and ask the question – are you properly compensated at your sales job – because your stylish clothing will provide the answer. Clothing has always spoken volumes about the amount of wealth and the social status that one enjoys. This is just one simple example to demonstrate how much that clothing can tell the people around us without anyone needing to utter a single word.

Leading by Example

There are many aspects of sales that are better taught by example. Sure, you can provide your team with a piece-by-piece guide to the latest business travel clothing, which details every article that’s currently in fashion in the business world, but your sales team won’t get the message unless they see you wearing that same outfit. Some of the other aspect of sales skills that remain on the intuitive level are:

  • Projecting Confidence
  • Charisma
  • General Positivity
  • Polite Manners
  • Respectful Attitude
  • Trustworthiness

While it might help to discuss each of these qualities with your team, people generally only learn to embody these roles when they witness them coming to life in another person on a daily basis.

Get the Help of Sales Recruiters

If you’re having any trouble imparting the skills in your sales team that you want them to possess, then you should contact a sales recruiter to help your team. Skills that are difficult to communicate in a straightforward manner can often prove the most difficult for sales managers. While part of your job is to hone your sales talent in order to yield the maximum results, you shouldn’t have to waste any time that could be better spent by closing deals.

Sometimes the best way be a great leader is to know when to step aside and let someone who is specially trained for a certain role to take over. When you want to impart talents and aptitudes on your team that are difficult to communicate, your best bet is to lead by example and solicit the help of a sales recruitment professional.