Making A DIY Bleach Denim Shirt Is So Easy+Cool Outfit Ideas That You Will Love

Hello fashion lovers! Are you always seeking for some fresh ideas that will improve your look? Today I have one challenging project, which result will amaze you. If you love denim shirts, then this is the idea you have to try. Bleached denim is a trend that everyone is going crazy for. Create your own piece and make different outfits with it. I have the complete tutorial, where the process is shown step-by-step. Making a DIY bleached denim shirt has never been so easier!

So, let’s get started! You will need:

  • simple denim shirt
  • bleach
  • rubber bands
  • gloves
  • plastic container

Start with binding the sleeves. Do it randomly, as there is no wrong way.

When you have finished tying the sleeves, go with the whole shirt. It should look like this:

Pour equal amount of water and bleach into a plastic container. Be careful and use rubber gloves.

Let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes in the mixture. Watch it after the 15th minute and remove when the color starts to get lighter. Remove the rubber bands and rinse with water. Wash as usual, and your DIY dyed shirt is done!

And the result is amazing! Seems like creating your own fashionable piece is so easy. And now it’s time to rock your denim shirt. There are so many outfits to create with it. Probably denim shirt is the most favorite street style piece that everyone has fell for. Having no ideas on how to make combinations? Check out these cool ones and get inspired!

If your choice are jeans, then you should choose carefully. White ripped jeans will pair great. Also, different colors of your denim shade can work as well. For instance, dark jeans and lighter shirt are excellent.

Dresses with bleached shirts will look gorgeous! Perfect for everyday outfits.

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