Most Popular Skin Treatment Trends Everyone Will Want to Try in 2020

2019 was all about clean and healthy skin, manifesting the natural beauty through nude make up and thorough skincare routines, designed to provide a fresh, radiant look. Dr.Numb, the leading topical anesthetic cream brand, believes that this trend will keep playing the central role in 2020, and predicts some smaller related trends emerging in the near future, too:

Wider acceptance of cosmetic surgery

Meanwhile Asian countries have long embraced the trend for cosmetic surgery, it still remains quite a sensitive topic in the USA and Canada. Although, as the market is changing and the demand for cosmetic surgery is rising, it is expected that these treatments will become more affordable and also that the technology will become more sophisticated, shortening the downtime after the surgery in order to make customer experience more pleasant.

Most Popular Skin Treatment Trends Everyone Will Want to Try in 2020

Unleashing platelet potential

Platelet-rich plasma has been all rage last year, made especially famous after Kim Kardashian shared her vampire facials routine. The procedure of the treatment involves drawing blood from the arm, using a machine to separate platelet-rich plasma and then injecting it (sometimes with other ingredients) to previously topically numbed zone that’s being treated: it has a proven 

success rate for treating multiple conditions, from skin issues to hair loss. As the technology evolves, new ways of using platelets are being found, contributing to the cosmetology industry and beyond.

Treatment availability

Today such cosmetic treatments like botox injections, hyaluronic acid injections or even fillers often take no longer than a 30-minute lunch break. Following the growing trend on extra-personalization, many customers are interested in tailored cosmetic services, delivered and performed in the comfort of their homes or at specialized botox-bars, where the process is faster and easier compared to a doctor’s visit. 

Most Popular Skin Treatment Trends Everyone Will Want to Try in 2020

The ongoing popularity of fuller lips

Lip enhancements are popular among patients of all age. So far, lip fillers have been the most common way to achieve the fuller lip effect, but the treatment called Lip Lift is expected to gain popularity in 2020. Lip lift is a 30-minute surgical procedure, performed under local anesthesia. The procedure involved making a small incision right under the nose and lifting the lip up. This brings a permanent solution to lip enhancement and eliminates the need to constantly use fillers to plump up the lips.

New Botox

Botox has been around a while, being used in the whole array of cosmetic treatments over the years. Soon the market is expecting the introduction of a new, technically advanced formula, which can be called ‘Super Botox’. It will have a faster action and last longer, as well as more flexibility to achieve a more natural look. This new formula can be also used to some trickier zones, like chest, helping to get rid of wrinkles and to rejuvenate the sun-damaged skin.