New Year, New Beauty Routines: 4 Changes That You Need In 2018

Good day pretty ladies! Are you ready for some great beauty tips? Since this year is coming to an end, it is time to bring some changes. Check this guide and find out more about the new beauty routines that you need to bring in the New Year!

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Blow dry your hair on the opposite side

This is a good example on how a simple and effortless routine can change so much. If you set your hair line on the opposite side that you usually do, and dry it you will end up with voluminous hair. When you are done, just toss it back on the other side. The effect will amaze you!

The right way of spraying perfume

If you want to make the pretty scent f your perfume last longer, then you should apply it on the body too. We usually tend to spray a huge amount on the neck and clothes. But, that is so wrong. Apply it on the warm areas of your body, such as : behind your knees, inner side of the elbows, and behind the ears. The warmness of your skin will release the scented molecules. This way, the gentle scent will be released slowly and moderately.

Make your lipstick last

I bet that you hate when your pretty lipstick dissapears as soon as you apply it. There is one simple trick to make your lipstick last. Use your lip pencil not only for outlining the lips. Apply it on the whole lips before you start with the lipstick. That way, it will act as a base and the color will last longer.

Never forget about the moisturizer

Healthy and hydrated skin has that fresh look, that does not need much makeup. If you want to achieve it, then a moisturizer is a must on every day basis. Apply it after you clean the skin. Even then, you can start with the makeup , or you can even show off your glowing skin. If you don’t have time for it, or just forgot to apply it, then place ti somewhere where you can easily grab it. It should be visible so it reminds you!