Remote Work Dress Code: Here’s How to Stay Stylish

Remote Work Dress Code: Heres How to Stay Stylish

Now that remote work is rapidly becoming part of the workplace revolution, it’s only understandable if companies would require their telecommuting workers to follow a dress code. After all, remote employees are still part of the company and represent the organization’s interests. 

If you’re among the workers who have become used to a work from home uniform composed of sweatpants or loungewear, then you need to step up your game and go for a stylish wardrobe overhaul. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. For Normal Work Days

For the days where you’re not constantly required on Zoom calls, go for comfortable clothing that will allow you to juggle your office tasks and your roles inside the home, including cooking and tending to the kids. In such a setting, a jersey dress or a jumpsuit would be fine for women. For men, a nice pair of jeans with an easy polo shirt would do. While you may be tempted to go straight to work from your bed, we suggest getting out of your pajamas and putting on a little makeup. This will help condition your mind that you’re supposed to work for the day. 

  1. For Meeting Days

If you’re working remotely and you have to attend a series of meetings, it’s best if you can present yourself professionally. Even if you’re located remotely, you’re required to observe proper dress code, especially if you need to go live on camera and have to present yourself to management. Consider this meeting as an in-person type of meeting where everyone sees each other, which means you have to wear your pants and shoes. 

Ask your meeting organizer about the event’s details, such as who will attend, what are the topics, and how long it will last. To stay on the safe side, it would be best to find more formal attire to make yourself ready for any presentation.

Be aware that your co-workers will only see you on their screen in a portrait view, meaning you need to be particular with your upper body appearance like wearing a proper top, fixed hair, clean eyeglasses, and any other accessories visible on the screen. Make an effort in avoiding overpowering accessories that may distract your viewers during the meeting. It is also best if you can go to your trusted Houston hair salon to get your hair done to achieve that professional look. 

  1. For Client Visit Days

If your work involves you needing to personally meet a client, you have to dress up appropriately while making sure that you’re comfortable enough, mainly if you have to take the public transport. You have to make sure that you’ll still look presentable and professional without worrying too much about how you will look in front of the client. 

Your choice of clothes would depend on what kind of client you are meeting. If you’re going to the warehouse or a non-formal setting in Houston, it’s acceptable to wear khaki slacks or a nice pair of trousers and a plain shirt topped with a blazer. Make sure to accessorize as well so you can amp up your look. 

Looking great and staying fashionable is not only good in the eyes of your colleagues. It will also be good for your self-esteem as well since you’ll develop self-confidence. As hybrid work set up will become the norm in the future, while you won’t be needing a personal stylist, you should learn to imbibe the remote work dress code.